DECEMBER 20, 1866


Mr. Alvord, Marshal of Idaho Territory, called on us yesterday and showed us a mammoth tooth which had once belonged to a monster of vast proportions.  The specimen is one of three found in the same place, one of which weighs over nine pounds. The one shown us weighs eight and a half pounds, is about eight inches long without the roots, which have decayed and are missing, three inches in thickness and not less than seven in width.  It was found on Salmon River, about four miles above the mouth of Slate Creek, Idaho, at a depth of sixty feet from the surface and ten feet from the bed rock.  Bones were also found which apparently belonged to the same animal, one of which, supposed to be a thigh bone, was at least a foot in diameter.  These latter, when exposed to the air, crumbled, but the teeth are petrified and in a good state of preservation.  The tooth shown us indicates that the animal belongs to one of the herbiferous tribes.  If he were as large as we may readily suppose from this tooth, it would require a small forest to make him a moderate breakfast.  He probably belonged to the same age as the mammoth trees in California; is so, it is easily understood why the trees grew so large they were obliged to do it in self-defense.





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