MAY 5, 1906


New Settlement To Be Started Two Miles West of Denver on the Camas Prairie, Along New Branch

The new town to be established two miles west of Denver at the Telcher place on Camas Prairie, along the line of the Culdesac-Grangeville branch of the Northern Pacific now being constructed, will be known as Fenn, in honor of the late S.S. Fenn and complimentary to the latter’s son, Major Frank Fenn.

The name was recommended by John P. Vollmer of this city and it has been accepted by the Northern Pacific.  S.S. Fenn was a highly esteemed Idaho Pioneer and served as a delegate in congress when the “Gem of the Mountains” was a territory.  He was prominent in the public affairs of the state and a man of sterling worth.  His son, Major Fenn, was a volunteer in the Indian war and one of the “Brave Seventeen,” whose courageous work during the war attracted such prominence, Major Fenn is now superintendent of the forest reserves in Idaho and Montana.  He was a major in the Idaho regiment in the Philippine war and has served as speaker of the Idaho house of representatives.

Mr. Vollmer was anxious that in selecting a name for the new town, the memory of some Idaho county pioneer should be perpetuated.  The name of Randall was suggested in honor of Captain Randall of Nez Perce Indian war fame, but the company could not accept this name for the reason that a town in Minnesota on the line of the Northern Pacific is named Randall.  The name of Fenn was then chosen.  The new town will take the place of Denver and promises to become a most important commercial center for a rich section of the prairie country.






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