DECEMBER 18, 1892


Boise City, Idaho, Dec. 17 – James Wendall and Lycurgus Sarsfield, two Boston scientists have returned to this city from the eastern part of Idaho County, where they had been investigating the reported discovery of several glaciers and glacial lakes.  F.B. Schmuhorn, an agent of World’s Fair Commissioner Wells, was the discoverer of the surprising phenomena, and the scientists’ reports agree with the description given by Schmuhorn.

Mr. Wendall said that he and his companions passed over miles of territory that had never been marked by the footprints of modern man though the discovery of peculiar human and animal bones led them to believe that at some period prehistoric bands of savages had made that unknown land their habitation.

Continuing, Mr. Wendall said that the silence of the dark gorges through which they passed was appalling.  Animals were scarce, and in some instances the deer were so fearless that they would allow the explorers to come within a dozen feet of them.  The grandeur of the scenery, Mr. Wendall said, was unexcelled anywhere in the known world.  The two men climbed one of the eleven high peaks that are not marked upon the carefully compiled maps, and as they ascended its precipitous slopes discovered many ledges of low-grade gold and silver ore.

The eleven peaks were snow-capped, their summits towering far above the line of perpetual snow.  The glacial field extended 2,000 feet above the snow line.  In area it was nearly as large as the Alpine glacial field, but not so deep.  The ice was dense, but generally as clear as crystal.  Beneath it could be seen a series of fifteen glacial lakes.

After securing many specimens of the flora, fossil fauna, and minerals of the ghostly region together with a sack full of the honey-combed human bones, the naturalists returned to civilization via the town of Shoup.

Old settlers say the places visited by Wendall and Sarsfield have not been previously explored b y prospectors because they were the haunts of murderous Indians for many years.  Several miners who went out toward the snowy peaks never returned, and many weird tales of blood were related of the unknown land.

During the last few years numerous parties have attempted to reach the distant mountains but as they were mounted they could not penetrate the rough country.  Wendall and Sarsfield were on foot and they devoted seven weeks to the interesting trip.  Three of the mineral specimens secured by Sarsfield are of good tin ore.





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