NOVEMBER 7, 1899


Grangeville Woman Wounds a Gay Lathario


Did Not Propose to Lose Her charley and When He Started to Run She Shot

A dispatch from Grangeville to the Lewiston Tribune says:  There was quite a sensation in town about 9 o’clock yesterday morning when Monte Jarrett dashed through Main street at a furious gait, closely followed by Mrs. Grant.  Jarrett had been shot a short distance out  of the city but when examined by Dr. Bibby it was found he was not seriously wounded.  The bullet having hit a rib and glanced off.  The parties, who live near Tolo, had ridden out of town in the morning and whatever trouble occurred took place after they left the city.  No arrests were made and no statements given to the public.

The Grangeville Free Press tells the story, without giving any of the names as follows:

“O, Young Lochinvar" has come out of the west:  through all the wide borders his steed is the best.” And it must  needs be if the steed which is ridden after is mounted by an irate young woman with determination and a gun, and such was the case yesterday morning when the usual quiet of a Grangeville Sabbath was disturbed by the sight of two equestrians, one a man and the other a woman, prancing down Main street at a breakneck pace.  The facts of the case seem to be pretty much as follows: 

There is a young man on the prairie whose name we will not mention, , who has long captivated the hearts of many of the susceptible young ladies of the vicinity, among whom was a grass widow, whose name also is shrouded in secrecy.  The lady in question is to say the least, up-to-date and is evidently a firm believer in woman’s rights, for yesterday she took the law and her gun in her own hands and emphasized the fact that when she wanted a man she wanted him badly and was going to have him if she never laid up a cent.

The couple came in from the prairie Saturday and spent the night in Grangeville where, deponent sayeth not, but yesterday morning, about 3 o’clock, the lady in question started for home and the young man accompanied her a short distance.  When they got to the end of the lane on the Whitebird road, the man signified his intention of returning to Grangeville, when the woman demurred and strenuously objected and in the words of the “rag-time” she made a mental remark to the effect that “I want you, ma honey, and I want you mighty badly,” but the man had opinions of his own on the subject and decided to return, and suiting the action to his determination, was just turning his horse to go, when the woman pulled out a revolver and taking a careful aim shot, hitting the young man in the left breast, about two inches above the nipple.  The man did not stand on the order of his going, but simply went and then began a race which will long remain a free memory in the minds of Grangevilleites, for when the pair were first seen they were coming over the hill in front of the public school building on a dead run, with the man in the lead by about 100 feet, but on the down grade his animal seemed to gain and he had a good lead of 50 more yards when the Jersey house corner was reached.  The woman evidently anticipated that the man would turn into the stable owned by Bert Lanningham, for she turned in there herself and inquired for him, but he had fooled her a few lines, for he kept going and turning the Jersey house corner, came around by the back streets.  The woman tried to locate him without avail and so turning her horse started for home alone.  The young man repaired to Hogan’s barber shop to ascertain the extent of his injuries and the next thing was William Hogan, one of the proprietors, ran out with the remark, “My God, that boy is shot terribly!” and went after Dr. Bibby immediately.  Directly afterward the young man who had been shot issued from the shop assisted by two friends, who took him to the doctor’s private office, where Dr. Bibby, assisted by Dr. Payzant, probed for the bullet, and after a painful operation, extracted it.  The bullet in its course had fortunately struck the collar bone, where it lodged, else the young man would not have been forced to take the ride, but it struck a rib and was arrested in its course.  The “gay Lothario” was immediately after on the streets and did not seem any the worse for his exciting gun play and ride.

In the excitement of the ride the man’s hat blew off and he did not stop just then to get it, sot it remained in the road at a point about where the shooting took place, until a gentleman in Grangeville rode out to get it and  the fair damsel had even vented her spite on this inoffensive article of apparel by shooting two holes in it on her way home as it lay on the ground, possibly devoutly wishing that the young man’s head were in  it.  The fair charmer resides at Doumecq plains, just across the Salmon and the youth lives near Tolo.  It was not learned up to the time of going to press, whether the authorities would take cognizance of the matter or not.

There are no serious consequences anticipated from the shooting affray of yesterday, as the case was most skillfully handled by Drs. Bibby and Payzant and the bullet extracted.  Fortunately the gun was only a 32 caliber gun, and better yet, the bullet’s course was arrested by the collar bone, for if it had varied one inch in either direction there is no question but the results would have been most serious.





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