Idaho County Free Press

May 8, 1913   



Show is Not of Local Nature, Entire Northwest Taking Interest in the Affair.  “Movies” Will be Made of the Event.  Last Revision of Premium List Shows Addition Prizes.


                All things point to the largest crowd of enthusiastic horsemen and admirers of horse flesh that ever congregated at Grangeville May 30 and 31, the two days of Camas Prairie Horse Show.  From all points comes news of the interest being taken and as the days grow less to the dates of the show the interest and enthusiasm increases.  The show is not a local enterprise but appears to have filled a long felt want for inquires are coming from not alone the local territory but Oregon and Washington as well.

                The show is open to the world and entries are not confined to any one locality.  The idea originated with men who have a desire to increase the interest in the raising of fancy horses in the Northwest in general and on Camas Prairie in particular.

                President Nelson of the Northwest Live Stock Association has wired reservation and will be here all through the show.  Indications are that he will bring with him a number of prominent stockmen who are members of the Northwest Livestock Association.  The Camas Prairie R.R. Co. has announced a special train each day, arriving in the morning and departing in the evening; a reduced rate will also be given.  The importance of the show to the outside world has been realized by the moving picture people who have been after the picture rights hot and heavy for the past week but it was finally decided to contract with Captain V. S. Winslow of Lewiston, who will be here both days and anticipates getting several thousand feet of film which will later be shown all over the country.

                A scarcity of stable room is reported by the committee and any who have a barn that is suitable for the reception of stock will confer a favor upon the committee by reporting the same at once.  Arrangements are being made for accommodation for all horses and next week stalls will be built to take care of the overflow entry.  Below we give the revised premium list, the readers will note the addition of many prizes since the first list was given to the public:


$25.00 for best Percheron stallion, 3 y3ars old and over. (Donated by Bank of Camas Prairie)

$15.00 donated by Ed Knorr, Midway Café and J.M. Olson

$15.00 for second best Percheron stallion, under 3 years old. (donated by Robert Dunlap and Chester Arnold)

$10.00 Lap Robe for best Percheron Stallion under 3 years old. (Donated by J.H. Roberts & Bro. Co., Spokane , Wash. )

$25.00 for best Belgian Stallion, 3 years old and over.  (Donated by W.N. Scales; M. R. Hattabaugh, A.S. Hardy, C.T. McDonald, Jas, DeHaven, J.M. Gilmore, R.F. Fulton, G.F. Johnson, B Auger and L. Vineyard>)

$15.00 for second prize in same class, under 3 years old.  (Donated by Fen Batty and C.A. Johnston .)

$25.00 for best Couch or any breed stallion, 3 years old an over, for breeding driving horses.  (Donated by Drs. H.J. Smith, H.V. Riggs, C.W. Slusser, G.S. Stockton, J.L Rains and W.H. Warner.)

$15.00 for second best in same class under 3 years old.  (Donated by Penwell & Priddy and Edgington Bros.)

$25.00 for best matched and groomed team of any class. (Donated by Imperial Hotel. Claude Holden will shoe the above team in addition to prize.)

$15.00 for second best matched and groomed team of any class. (Donated by Miller hardware and Implement Co.)

$25.00 for best matched and groomed team of any class.  (Donated by Alexander-Freidenrich Co._

$15.00 for second best general purpose team suitable for farming. (Donated by P.F. Courtney.)

$25.00 for best four hose team. (Donated by Burt L. Crosby Co.)

$15.00 for second best four horse team.  (Donated by Rothlisberg and Lamm Drug Co.)

$20.00 for best brood mare for general purposes. (Donate by Grangeville Electric Light and Power Co.)

$12.00 for second best in same class. (Donated by Grangevile Dray Co.)

$20.00 for best heavy draft brood mare. (Donated by First National Bank.)

$12.00 for second best in same class.  (Donated by Powell Gibson and Walter Hickerson.)

$15.00 for best lady rider in saddle. (Donated by Grangeville Savings and Trust Co.)





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