MARCH 13, 1904


A family of Nez Perce Indians is searching an eighty-acre farm near Culdesac, Idaho, in an effort to locate $12,000 of buried gold left by Reuben Wepsheli, the father of the family and a full-blooded Nez Perce.  On this farm Wapsheli lived with his squaw for sixty years.  He tilled a small farm and raised many cayuses which ran at large on the neighboring range.  From the proceeds of horse sales and rent received from land leased to whites he accumulated more than $13,000, which he kept buried in a secret spot.  Of four children, Amos, the eldest son, was the old manís confidant, and often went with his father in the dead of night to bury more gold or secure money for some immediate use.  During his later years the old Indian removed the greater part of the money to a new place known only to himself.  His family always knew the amount thus buried, and he often promised that thus buried, and he often promised that before dying he would tell the secret to Amos.  Three months ago Wapsheli was taken sick.  Before Amos could arrive from his ranch twenty miles away the old man died without divulging the burial place of his gold.  Amos, now thirty years old, is superintending the search for the buried money.





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