Idaho County Free Press

Thursday, August 20, 1908

Two Insane

Two cases of insanity were up for investigation in Judge Fulton's court last Saturday and both were ordered committed to the asylum at Orofino.  The first case to be examined was that of Jack Spot, a blacksmith who came to this section this spring and for some time was employed in the Jackson shop of this city where he worked until June when he left for the mountains.  It seems he wandered around until he reached the vicinity of the Wind river where he became lost and after three weeks he was discovered by the Forest reserve men who noting his mental condition, brought him out to the county seat.

The other was the case of William Kennison, a man of sixty some years of age who ranches across the river from Kamiah.  it seems Mr. Kennison, who at one time was a preacher, has lost his mind over religion and now imagines he is a prophet.   He stated to the court that thrice during his life he had been visited by he Master.  That he was a man larger than the Judge and one was apt to be frightened at his appearance.  The man was in a very bad mental condition and just at the stage when sometime he would imagine he was directed by the Lord and commit some terrible crime.  He has been more than an ordinary man, begin a large railroad contractor during his early life and was also one of the soldiers who acted as White House guard during the stirring times of our civil conflict.  The court committed him to Orofino for treatment.





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