Law and Order at Warrens.  How Justice is administered in Idaho Mining Town

A Lewiston dispatch to the Spokane Spokesman-Review says:  Fred Wood, secretary of the Central Idaho Mining bureau, yesterday received a letter from Warrens, which tells a story of the frontier administration of justice not frequently met.  The letter says:  “There has been quite an excitement here over a trial.  The first justice of the peace that the town ever boasted was the cause of it all.  A woman here – a sort of a loose character – heard that a man was talking about her in a saloon.  Arming herself she went down to see about it.  She walked into the saloon, pulled the gun and told the fellow she intended to blow his head off.  Later the man she was living with told him that “he’d get him before dark.”

The justice of the peace issued a warrant on the assaulted man’s complaint, and deputized a man to serve it on the woman.  Summons were issued to several witnesses, most of whom disregarded the court’s command entirely.  Then the justice issued bench warrants.

About this time a certain element in town began talking about running the justice out, but a lot of citizens got together and formed a sort of law and order party to see that the court’s orders were obeyed and respected.

The trial proceeded, and finally this woman’s lover arose and told the justice of the peace that he (the justice) was an ex-convict from California.  The justice fined him $100 for contempt of court.  I don’t know how the woman came out, but he man has gone to Grangeville to live with the sheriff for awhile.

You needn’t think Colorado is the only place where excitement prevails.  The justice said he’d enforce the law if it took the whole state militia to do it.






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