The Montgomery Advertiser Pensacola, Florida

June 1, 1916

Strange Man At Pensacola Really Wanted

(Special To the Advertiser)

Pensacola, Fla., May 31 That Ed Lorienza, who jumped over board from a British ship Sunday morning because, as he said, he wanted to be punished for a murder which he committed years ago. Is really wanted in Elk City, Idaho and became known today when a telegram was received by the police from the sheriff of Idaho County, Idaho, stating that such a man is wanted there on the charge of murder and requesting that the man in custody here be held until an officer could arrive to take him back to the scene of his crime. 

Lorienza risked his life when he leaped from the ship, both from drowning and sharks.  He was rescued by a motor boat and he asked that he be not returned to the ship but taken ashore and sent back to Idaho where he had killed a man a woman years ago during a strike. He gave the officers his name and the details of the murder and talked so convincingly that a wire was sent by the local police which elicited an immediate reply.





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