JUNE 17, 1899


Abandoned Woman Claims to Have Lost a Large Sum

A Grangeville dispatch to the Lewiston Tribune says:  Madge Kennedy, an unfortunate woman who has been in much trouble of late, was thumped into insensibility Sunday night and robbed of $2600.

Dr. Bibby, who was called to her resort about 10 o’clock at night, succeeded in bringing the woman to consciousness, when she gave Night watchman Almond the names of the men she accused of being her assailants.  With the assistance of another officer, Almond jailed four men including Prizefighter George Benntee, “Baldy” Byland, Frank Costello and Jimmy Ryan.  Three women were with Madge at the time the outrage was committed and were badly knocked about, but saved themselves by flight.

The accused men on being arraigned before Justice Hartman were all turned loose Monday morning for lack of evidence.  The officers and county attorney are endeavoring to get to the bottom of the matter.





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