NOVEMBER 12, 1895

NEZ PERCE RESERVATION TO BE OPENED More Than Half a Million Acres of Land to be Released for Settlement

WASHINGTON, Nov. 11 A proclamation declaring open to settlement at noon, (Pacific standard time,) Nov. 18, instant, all the unallotted and unreserved lands acquired from the Nez Perce Indians under the terms of and subject to all the conditions, limitations, reservations, and restrictions contained in the agreement with these Indians, has been issued by President Cleveland.


The amount of land that will be opened to settlement is about 546,000 acres, situated in the Nez Perce Reservation, in Idaho.  Any religious society or other organization occupying any of these lands, under proper authority, for religious or educational work among the Indians, is given the right to purchase the land so occupied within two years, at the rate of $3 per acre.


By the agreement with the Indians, the lands retained by the Government are those remaining in the possession of the Nez Perces.  It is also stipulated that these Indians shall be subject for twenty-five years to the laws of the United States, prohibiting the introduction of intoxicants into the Indian country and that the allottees shall, for a like period, be prohibited from selling intoxicants to Indians.





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