Over the State – Prospector Lost in the Hills of Idaho County

E.F. Williams, a mining man who has been prospecting in and about Newsome Creek for some time, brings in the sad news of the loss of a prospector by the name of Morris, in the hills.  Me. Williams says that Morris, whose Christian name he does not know, and his partner, whose name is Pat Leech, arrived at their camp on August 19.  They said that they came from Cripple Creek, Colo.

They pitched their camp with Williams’ party, they (Morris and Leech) having a complete camping outfit.  On Saturday morning about 9 o’clock, Morris announced his intention of going out prospecting for a short trip, and taking his pick started off, at the same time telling Leech that he would be back soon.  He went out, and not returning that night by 8 o’clock, the boys got worried so they climbed the hill and started fires on the peaks, called as loud as they could and fired guns.  This they continued to do for some time.  They were all camped near Connelly’s placer camp, which is on Four Mile creek, about seven miles from Newsome creek station.  All attempts to find Morris that night proved fruitless, so next day the entire party started out to hunt for him but without avail.  They hunted all that day and for two succeeding days, but could find no trace of the lost man.  There is very heavy timber out there, and it is bad traveling, there being large quantities of fallen timber in the section.

The boys do not think that he is just lot, for Mr. Williams says that Morris has prospected for 20 years and is an old woodsman, so that the probability that he is simply wandering around the hills is not worth considering.  Mr. Williams said:  “In all probability some accident has befallen him, for in hunting, for him we went farther than he would be apt to go in one day, even if he had food, which he did not.  We might have traced him had we had dogs, but there are none around there suitable for that purpose.  Mr. Williams immediately came into Grangeville to see if it were possible to get some bloodhounds to try to track the lost man.






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