FRIDAY, JULY 29, 1887

THE FATE OF WM. RHODES  - A Thrilling Trip into the Lo Lo Country --- The Discovery -- A tall Chimney Etc.

Ezra Baird and A.D. Greene returned on Monday last from Rhodes city whither in company with quite a number of persons from Lewiston and vicinity they went some three weeks since to ascertain the fate of Wm. Rhodes, Hass Crane and one Altmann who had been gone for some ten months, and were supposed to have wintered at or near a point called Rhodes city.

After leaving Wee-ipe and striking Mussel shell they made the location in about eighty-five miles, and discovered Crane and Altmann living and Rhodes dead.  The party had been snowed in since about November.  The snow being replenished and since January they had been on rations of flour and coffee.  Fresh meat was obtained in April by the fortunate killing of a bear by Crane.  They tunneled and dug under the snow and obtained wood and by cutting steps to a distance of 80 or 100 feet could get to the top of the snow and keep their chimney open and protected.  Rhodes, who was comparatively an invalid sickened early in the season, and although kind hands did all they could to relieve him he expired on the 13th of June.  He was a pioneer miner having made many important discoveries and was reported quite rich at one time.  His body was buried in the snow by his comrades and upon the arrival of help was decently interred near the spot which bears his name.

Very little has been done to develop the rich deposits said to have been found but about twenty persons were in camp when our informants left and a large number were met upon the road going in.  We anticipate that the camp will prove all that is claimed.





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