Assault on Tennyson Wright, Formerly a Resident of Boise

  The following, from a Grangeville dispatch, tells of an assault made on a former resident of Boise:  Tennyson Wright, who lives about four miles from Pollock and 60 miles from Grangeville, arrived here this morning stating that an attempt had been made on his life by A.E.(Fred) White, a stockman of Salmon River.

Mr. Wright is a prior settler and owns some valuable land which was given him by a decision of the land office at Boise last month.  The claim was contested by A.E. White, who, Wright claims, took it away from him by force.  Wright was arrested and brought Grangeville about four weeks ago on a charge of insanity, but was dismissed as sane.

In relating the story of the attempt upon his life, Mr. Wright said:  “My wife had company yesterday, and when our company returned home my wife and I accompanied her across this contested land.  We met Mr. White and I gave him notice to move his improvements within 30 days.  He advanced upon me and struck me about the face and head with his six shooter, knocking me down.  He kicked me about the body until my wife interfered and gave me a chance to run into the house.  He ran after me for about 30 yards and then turned back and tried to find the barrel of his revolver, which my wife afterward told me he broke over my head.

Later my wife and I went to Pollock.  We heard that White and his gang were drinking in a saloon near by.

While we were in a store one of the gang came in and bought a box of cartridges, and I, thinking that another attempt was to be made on my life, slipped out of the store, through some brush and ran up the road about a mile, where I met a man with a horse, and came on to Grangeville, making the ride of 60 miles in 10 hours over a very rough road.  I will swear out a complaint for White’s arrest in the morning.  My head and body are very sore and cause me much pain every time I move.  I am confident that if he had not broken his gun he would have killed me.

Mr. Wright’s face and head show the marks of violence.  He also states that the Whites kill his stock and turn their own cattle into his fields, destroying his crops and breaking his fences.  He says that he has been shot at several times by unknown parties, and that one night a man who was staying at his place was almost killed by someone in ambuscade.

**See the Murder page for the murder of Tennyson at a later date.






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