These are Nez Perce Indians, but some are un-named.  If you know the names of any of them, please email me. Click on the thumbnails for a larger view.

nez1.jpg (60168 bytes)

Joe Kentuck

nez2.jpg (62028 bytes)

James McConville & Christina Elbert

Eliz Broncheau

nez3.jpg (61342 bytes)

Joseph Shows-his-gun & Effie Nesbit

John Minthon

nez4.jpg (67621 bytes)

John Minthon

Eliz Penny

nez5.jpg (58990 bytes)

Peter Blyton

nez6.jpg (63644 bytes)

Paul Slickpoo

nez7.jpg (56577 bytes)

Annie Dickson

Joseph Minthon

nez8.jpg (66348 bytes)


nez9.jpg (56017 bytes)

George Ta-Hats

John MIller

nez10.jpg (63667 bytes)

Justin Parsons


nez11.jpg (61173 bytes)

William Lemon

nez12.jpg (61363 bytes)

Conley Seth

Jim Davis

nez13.jpg (55474 bytes)


Jim Morris

nez14.jpg (54117 bytes)

Unknown babies

nez15.jpg (54873 bytes)

Unknown babies

nez16.jpg (57718 bytes)

Unknown Elder

Unknown baby

mrsyellowbull.jpg (30621 bytes)

Mrs. Yellow Bull

mrsyellowbullyoung.jpg (62146 bytes)

Mrs. Yellow Bull when younger

yellobull.jpg (16383 bytes)

Yellow Bull

yellowbull1871.jpg (321735 bytes)

Yellow Bull in 1871

Yellow_Bull_-_Nez_Perce.jpg (62115 bytes)

Yellow Bull - Curtis Photo

tolo.jpg (29879 bytes)


chiefjoseph.jpg (69825 bytes)

Chief Joseph

dave_williams_indian.jpg (55218 bytes)

Dave Williams

hanson_photo.jpg (23129 bytes)

indians_1905.jpg (29004 bytes)


indianchiefs.JPG (585646 bytes)

Indian Chiefs

whitebird_monument.jpg (30010 bytes)

Whitebird Indian War Monument

marygoose_1880.jpg (52014 bytes)

Mary Goose 1880

chftimothyandinterpreter.JPG (17157 bytes)

Chief Timothy and his Interpreter

jimblkeagle_jessespottedeagle.jpg (44210 bytes)

Jim Black Eagle & Jesse Spotted Eagle

yellowbull.jpg (22854 bytes)

Yellow Bull

youngjoseph1.jpg (15809 bytes)

 Chief Joseph

youngjoseph.jpg (11307 bytes)

Young Chief Joseph

1877indian.jpg (61446 bytes)

Eagle of Light

Chief Joseph


IndianFamily.jpg (25447 bytes)

Indian Family

NezperceGirls-Lapwai.jpg (71162 bytes)

Nezperce Girls at Lapwai

chapa-pat-sk-1905.jpg (54003 bytes)


ca. 1905

ChiefJoseph1877_-_Goff.jpg (88075 bytes)

Chief Joseph

ca. 1877

peo-peo-mox-mox-1905.jpg (25961 bytes)


(Walla Walla)

ca. 1905

Jos-Howard-Pratt_1904.jpg (25814 bytes)

Col. Pratt

Gen. O. Howard

Chief Joseph

ca. 1904






If you have any records, photos, family information, etc., we would love for you to share.  Or if you have questions or suggestions, please drop me a line. My email address is County Coordinator


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