Cottonwood Chronicle Friday, August 15, 1924

Theodore Wallace Asker, Age 16 Years, Passed Away Tuesday Morning
Theodore Wallace Asker, age 16 years, and the youngest child of Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Asker, highly respected pioneers of this community, passed away at the home of his parents Tuesday, death having been attributed to diabetes. Besides being the youngest of the 10 children of Mr. and Mrs. Asker, he was the first one called away since the family have grown up.
Ted, as he was better known to his friends, while not of a robust physique was not regarded as seriously ill until his physician called in assistance. Friday he was in Cottonwood and while not feeling well it was thought he was only suffering with summer flu which is now so prevalent throughout the country, and while here was consulting a doctor.
The turn for the worse took place Saturday and the crisis was reached Tuesday morning and resulted in death.
Theodore Wallace Asker was born near Cottonwood on Dec. 18, 1907 and lived here all his life and during his short life made friends whereever he went.
Funeral services were held from the Asker home Thursday morning and were largely attended. The floral offering were many and beautiful. The services were in charge of W.N. Knox, minister, of Grangeville. The funeral arrangements were in charge of A.H. Nau of Cottonwood. The remains were laid to rest in the Cottonwood Cemetery.
Theodore is survived by parents and nine sisters and brothers, all of whom were present at the funeral services with the exception of Mrs. Hedin, of San Francisco, who was unable to get here in time. The sisters and brothers are: Mrs. Oliver Bidne of Spokane; Mrs. A.W. Dodell, Grangeville; Mrs. C. Hedin, San Francisco; Mrs. William Carnes, Lewiston; Mrs. Erban Lester, Grangeville; William Asker Lewiston; Sylvester, Martin and Charley Asker, Cottonwood.
The bereaved family have the heartfelt sympathy in what appears to all of us an untimely death.

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