September 24, 1886


The old frenchman called Shorty who lived on Shorty's Bar, on the other side of Salmon river midway between Whitebird and Rocky Canyon, was found dead in his dugout a day or two ago by a Chinaman who reported the circumstance upon his arrival in town yesterday.  he says the man must have been dead two weeks as the body is badly decomposed and the coyotes have stripped the flesh from the lower limbs.  the old man has lived alone there for years half-crazy and shunning everybody.  We were down there canvassing last July, and when we hailed him across the river to subscribe for the Free Press he ran off and hid himself in the brush.  His real name is not known.  Coroner Kirkwood will go down and in2quest the remains today.

October 29, 1886


We received Saturday a notice of the burial of "Shorty." whose proper name, by the way, is Chartier.  He had evidently been dead for some time, which proves the truth of the rumor coming from the party of Chinese miners who reported it to us.  There seems to have been no apparent cause for his death, other than starvation, as the premises were destitute of everything eatable.  The body was buried Oct. 11th, by Tom McGrane, Asa Jones and W.A. Shuck, the latter of whom is our informant.



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