A WATERY GRAVE - George Connor, Mining man Drowns in Salmon River

OCCURS NEAR WIRE BRIDGE -  Was Bringing Boat Load of Lumber to Claim on Fall Creek

A letter was received this week by Sheriff Overman from W. Waugh of the Marshall Lake Mining District, conveying the news of the death of George H. Connor, a well known Idaho county mining man, from drowning in the Salmon river on August 23.

It seems that Connor was bringing a boat loaded with lumber down the river to his claims near the month of Fall Creek and at the ferry across the Salmon at the old wire bridge, was being assisted in piloting the boat around the bend of the river when the accident occurred.  The boat had passed the ferry and was about three-quarters of a mile down the river at the time Connor lost his life.  Waugh and his son had attached a long roper to the craft and were working along the shore pulling the boat through the rocks and Connor, who was standing on a rocky bluff, was watching the progress of the craft.  He must have lost his balance for upon looking up Waugh and his son saw him fall from the cliff into the river.

He struck out swimming and seemed about to be successful in reaching the shore when he went down.  He came up again, but went under the waters the third time and the body did not come to the surface.  Up-to-date, the body has not been recovered and it is doubtful if it will be for some time as the Salmon river is known as one that is quite reluctant in giving up its dead.

The deceased was a first class man with a number of friends who will read with regret the news of his untimely death.  He was a man of fine educational attainments and a gentleman of the old school.



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