Warren, April 17, 1884


The death of John M. Crooks, of Grangeville, Idaho county has left a vacancy in the business circles of Camas Prairie, that cannot easily be filled.  Without much elementary education, his mind grasped the various relation of business seldom met in men of his limited education.  He settled with his family on Three Mile creek in 1862 , and the extent of his improvements on his farms stand as a monument to his skill, energy and good judgment.  Besides this he has been an active dealer in cattle, horses and hogs, and managed businesses in Florence and Warrens for many years during the flush mining times of the early days.  Not a miner in those camps will forget the fairness of his dealing.  He was the projector of the town of Grangeville, and towards the building up and the growth of the town, and providing for its intellectual and moral welfare. 

In later life he had met with several falls from a horse, the shock of the last fall from a load of hay had caused his system to become dropsical and it is supposed that this disease reached the region of the heart and caused suffocation at the time of his death.  His council and wisdom in county matters ahs long been the watchword of many citizens.  He was a member of the County Commissioners at the time of his death.


Grangeville, April, 1885

On the 19th inst. James L. Crooks, while in a reclining position dropped his pistol from its scabbard the hammer striking upon the floor and discharging the weapon, the ball passing through both thighs in front of the bone and into the ceiling above.  He died at 11 o'clock on April 21 and will be buried b the Masonic Fraternity.






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