Free Press, December 10, 1914

GEO. M. GALLOWAY OF WHITEBIRD PASSES AWAY - Attained The Ripe Old Age of 88 Years, 2 Months, And 11 Days. - LIVED IN IDAHO SINCE 1883 - Leaves a Widow 85 Years Old and Seven Children - Two Children Are Dead

Another of the old pioneer citizens of the county has been laid to rest, the silent reaper taking George M. Galloway a highly respected citizen of Idaho county, aged 88 years, 2 months, and 11 days; born on the 18th day of September, 1826, and dying November 29, 1914.  He was buried in Whitebird last week, where he has made his home for so many years.

George M. Galloway, by reason of his long life has lived through and has been concerned in many of the events which have made the history of the United States, and he has not lived as a silent spectator but as an active participant, his life having been spent in public activities and in shaping the affairs of his country.  Not many can tell of more varied experiences, and few can boast of more efficient service.

Deceased was a native of the sunny south, being born in the north part of the state of Alabama where he grew to early manhood.  From this state he volunteered to serve in the Mexican war.  His bravery was marked in this war, and his conduct alone would win him a reputation which many would envy.  During the battle of Buena Vista he was wounded twice.  He was first wounded in the leg and in spite of this wound he kept on fighting until he was again struck down by a bullet in his side which completely disabled him.

At the close of the Mexican war he received his discharge and removed to Arkansas.  At the outbreak of the Civil War he formed a company and was elected captain, serving four years during that tempestuous, critical stage in the history of our country.  During this war he was again wounded receiving a bullet in his hip.  

At the close of the war, as a testimonial of the confidence which his fellow citizens had in him, he was elected to engage in the activities of public life, and he served his fellow citizens of the state of Arkansas during the reconstruction period during two terms in the legislature, following which he was elected to fill a place on a state commission.

On May 16, 1883, the deceased removed to this state where he has since resided up to the time of his death and in his new northern home his integrity and character again won for him a great number of new friends and acquaintances among the residents of Idaho County and among the pioneers of the Gen State some of whom have gone before.

He leaves surviving him, his wife, who was 85 years of age December 5th, last past, and 9 children were born to the couple, of whom 7 are living.  The family consists of Mrs. Belle Manning, of Klamath Falls, Oregon; Mrs. Virginia Hadorn of Whitebird; Mary Jewell of Grangeville; Isora Soten, deceased, late of Whitebird; Thomas P. Galloway of Whitebird; Victor G. Galloway, deceased and Sherman S. Galloway, Whitebird.

The family and many friends and acquaintances of this aged and respected man mourn his death, but he has left a noble heritage in his good name and reputation, and a great record for service to which his children may point with greatest pride.  The Free Press extends its sympathy for the bereavement of the relatives of the deceased.











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