Idaho County Free Press
Thursday, November 15, 1928


Mt. Idaho Man Meets Death At Hands of Hunting Companion Sunday Morning
Stark tragedy stalked over the mountainside on the south side of John's Creek, near the Clearwater River, about 20 miles southeast of this city of Sunday morning. A party of hunters, among whom were Fred J. Babcock, attorney of Lewiston, and Charles S. Boren, court stenographer for the district court in the district accompanied by Charles W. Hindman, of Mt. Idaho, as guide. The latter was an experienced hunter and had take the Lewiston men on their annual deer hunt for many years past.
They left the Goan ranch early Sunday morning, and after reaching the slopes of John's Creek on the south fork, Hindman told Boren to stay and watch a certain place and he believed he could scare a deer out of the brush. Circling around, Hindman came close to the spot designated and Boren, seeing but the lower part of the man's limbs, took him for a deer and fired.
The steel jacketed 25-35 bullet tore through the fleshy part of both legs, severing a main artery. The unfortunate man lived but a short time as the blood could not be stopped. Boren saw his fatal mistake almost the instant he pulled the trigger and called for help which soon arrived but too late to do more than assist in getting the body to the highway where it was immediately brought to the city.
Prosecuting attorney, Frank E. Fogg, was summoned to the undertaking parlor, and stated that no inquest would be held. Mr. Boren and the others of the party left for Lewiston that evening. Mr. Hindman and Mr. Boren had been friends for many years and had been together on many hunting expeditions. The latter is prostrated with grief over the unfortunate ending of their last hunting trip.

Charles W. Hindman was born October 29, 1882 in Marion County, Iowa. He was the son of Mr. and Mrs. M.E. Hindman and came to Idaho County 37 years ago.
He married Ida May Goan in April 1909 and two children were born to this union, both of whom are living. They are Maurice, aged 18, and Doris, aged 15. Besides his wife and children, he leaves two brothers, Emory and Ira Hindman of Grangeville, and two sisters, Mrs. James Ellenburg of Drain, Oregon and Mrs. A.G. Cummings of Yakima, Washington.
Funeral services were held at the Christian Church here Tuesday afternoon, November 13, at 2 p.m., Rev. E.I. Mitchell officiating and burial was in the Mount Idaho Cemetery.

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