Idaho Territory - Friday, July 23, 1886

Death of James C. Holt

On Monday evening, just as the departing rays of the sun gilded the tree-tops, all that was mortal of James C. Holt was laid away to rest in that beautiful receptacle for the dead over looking our town.  The sorrowing family and friends turned slowly and sadly away, leaving him alone with his God.  In every heart there was a sense of grief, such as a last parting along can bring.  Each had some pleasant remembrance of him and all felt that they had one friend less; for he possessed in an ominent degree all those qualities of head and heart that attached men to each other.  He was intelligent, brave, generous and true.  The warm grasp of the hand, the cordial smile, the word of tender interest, all bespoke his sympathy with his fellow man and endeared him to his friends.  The final farewell was the harder from the fact that Mr. Holt passed from earth in the summer of his existence, ere time had sprinkled its lilies through his hair or furrowed his brow with the scars of vanished years.  James C. Holt was born in Salt Lake, Nov. 6th, 1851.  Married at Hillyard, Wyoming to Miss Eva Slosson, October 30th, 1877, where he was for many years in the employ of the Flume company, some time afterwards he entered the service of the Union Pacific Company, serving as agent and operator at many points on the line of the Utah Northern Railroad, was stationed in that capacity for some time at the important junction of Silver Bow where he resigned and came to the prairie  June 1883 and engaged extensively in the stock business, being afterwards joined by his brother Charles E. Holt.  He had complained of ill health but a few days prior to taking to his bed, when the symptoms of debility development into a general breaking up of the nervous system, inducing spinal affections and paralysis.  Every resource of medical science was called to aid the sufferer, and through the many tedious  days of his illness he was most carefully tended.  Every attention that loving relatives and thoughtful skill could suggest to alleviate his sufferings was done, but the dart of the destroyer was too well aged, and after a few days unconsciousness, the dear patient breathed his last on the evening of Sunday, July 18th.  To the sorrowing relatives words of sympathy must fall coldly now, while their grief is greatest but time will alleviate their pain, and they will then feel that in the translation from earth to heaven the Father acted a merciful part and their tears will be dried in the belief that this loss to them is his eternal gain and that he who rules the universe doeth all things well.

"An honest man is gone to rest, To rise, or sleep, as Heaven thinks beat"




**This is not an obituary, but rather a comment in the newspaper about the headstone purchase for James C. Holt.  

C.E. Holt was in town during the week superintending the erection of a handsome monument over the grave of his brother, James C. Holt, who died in August 1886.





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