Idaho County Free Press

January 3, 1890


time is a stern iconoclast and everything touched by its pallid hands reverts back to the dust from whence is sprung.  The sturdy old pioneer, John J. Manuel, who came to this section when it was a vernal wild, now sleeps, the dreamless sleep of the just beneath the green sward of this lovely prairie, which he helped subdue to the uses of civilization.

Born near Richmond, Virginia in 1826, his family moved to Missouri.  In 1852 he came west to California until his departure for Florence in 1862. When Florence was the county seat he was elected sheriff and served the term 1866 to '68.  In 1872 when the county seat was in Warrens, he was elected county treasurer, but he disliked public life and declined a re-election.  In the winter of 1864 he married the only daughter of Geo. Popham.  In 1872 he moved to White Bird, having bought the place known as Chapman's ranch.  He lived there engaging in farming and stock raising until the Nez Perce war of 1877; the history of which is familiar to every resident of Idaho county.  His family suffered more than any other from the brutal warfare.

After their recovery the remainder of the family resided near Mt. Idaho at which place Mr. Manuel was at the time of his unexpected death.  He had been quite sick in the early fall, but had so far recovered as to be able to take care of himself.  On Christmas day he was feeling better, two days after, he was dead having fallen by the stove in his sitting room.

The funeral was conducted at Mt. Idaho on Monday last under the auspices of I.O.O.F. and Encampment.  He leaves two daughters to mourn his loss; Mrs. W.W. Bowman and Mrs. W.N. Knox, and Mr. George Popham, his wife's father, all living in the county.  Two sisters resided in St. Charles county, Missouri.





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