Idaho County Free Press

Thursday, October 5, 1911

DEATH AT MILL - J.E. Mason Crushed to Death by Rolling Logs  

OCCURRED LAST SATURDAY - Deceased was Former Citizen of Grangeville

J.H. Mason (title says J.E.)  a former citizen of Whitebird, who up until last week conducted the Mammoth feed barn in this city was killed at a logging camp, four miles from Stites last Saturday night by being struck by a broken chain.  At the time of the tragedy there was no one present and the exact details of his death will never be known.

Mr. Mason closed out his lease on the Mammoth barn last week and moved his family to the McKenzie sawmill at Luke's Gulch where he secured employment.  On Saturday he was employed hauling logs from the timber to the mill and toward evening, when making his last trip with logs, had passed several men a short distance from the mill.  A quarter of an hour after his arrival at the mill the men were startled by a cry of anguish from Mason and rushing to the skidway, found him unconscious and in great agony.  Medical aid was at once summoned from Stites but he expired shortly after the accident, never regaining consciousness.  An examination of the body showed two fractured ribs a bruise on the back of the head and that his neck was broken.  It is the theory of those who were there that the chain holding the logs on the wagon had broken and released the logs which rolled over him and crushed out his life.

The deceased was a man close to forty years of age, leaves a wife, several children, mother, two sisters and a brother.  One of the sisters, Mrs. Rossiter, living near this city and a brother being a resident of Lewiston.  He was a member of the woodmen in good standing and has many friends here as well as the other sections where he has lived.  

The funeral was held Monday from the Christian church, the services being conducted by C,T. McDonald, the remains were laid to rest in the Prairieview cemetery.




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