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Thurs. 12/07/1933



Truck Skids on Icy Curve and Falls 30 Feet to Riverbed



Joe Z. (Buster) Pollan, 30, of Mt. Idaho was almost instantly killed in an accident that occurred just this side of the old CCC camp road on the South Fork near Castle Creek about 4 a.m. Sunday morning.  Returning from a dance at Fall Creek, a forest service truck driven by A. M. Stamper and containing six other forest employees, skidded on the icy curve, crashed into a tree and left the grade to land bottom side up on the rocky strewn riverbed about 30 feet below.  Pollan was thrown out of the truck and suffered a fractured skull.  He died within a few minutes.  Burt Groshon of Montana received a fracture of the hip and was rushed to Lewiston as soon as was possible.  The rest of the party including Jack Gwynn, Paul Yates, Norman Capps, A. W. Foskett and Stamper were badly cut and bruised, but none were seriously hurt.  They returned to camp at Castle Creek.  The men were not on duty at the time of the accident.


Pollan was born in Oklahoma and was married to Myrna Droogs in 1923 at Vancouver, Wa.  He came to Mt. Idaho in 1927 and had lived there since.  He worked for the forest service.  He leaves his widow; two children, Neut Douglas, 7, and Ronnie Jo, 2; his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. Z. Pollan; seven brothers and sisters, Grover, Alvis, Frank, Mrs. T. E. Schenck, and Mrs. Bryan Hutchens of Grangeville; Mrs. Mamie Townes of Los Angeles, Ca., and Mrs. Lela Schroeder of Olympia, Wa.  Funeral services were held Tuesday afternoon at the Hancock Funeral Home, Reverend Sydney A. Walker officiating and burial was in the cemetery at Mt. Idaho.

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