PATRICK REARDON MURDERED  - One of the Owners of the “Cleveland” Mine, IN Alton District, is Cruelly Murdered at Anaconda, Montana – A Cold Blooded Homicide –Threats of Lynching

Oregonian dispatch – Butte Montana, Feb. 17  

At Anaconda this morning William Martins, a hotel keeper, killed Patrick Reardon.  They were walking along the street and had words.  Martin knocked Reardon down with the butt of a pistol and then shot him.  Martin kicked him till he was unconscious and finally shot him in the back of the head, killing him instantly.  Martin then put his hands in his pockets and walked off towards the foothills.  Citizens, soon realizing the enormity of the crime, started over one hundred strong to search for the murderer.  They will lynch the murderer if they catch him.

Patrick Reardon was a brother of Jas. Reardon, who is the original discoverer of and a large proprietor of the Cleveland mine, in Alton district, this county, in which Patrick also held a slight interest.  We first made his acquaintance at the mine on Logan Mountain where he worked all last summer, and again at Bellvue last fall when he took us in tow and introduced us to the principal business men in that town and at Broadford when we were working up the Salmon river road project in the southern counties.  He was a native of New York state, a very intelligent man and very even-tempered, and the provocation must have been very great to involve hi min an angry controversy.  A later dispatch states that his murderer was arrested a week later disguised as a cowboy at Avon, a small station on the Northern Pacific.



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