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Thursday June 15, 1911


Once more the silent messenger Death, has called, and the answer has been made by one of the oldest pioneers in Idaho county.  Surely the ranks of the pioneers are being decimated with the rapidity and certainty of those of the old war veterans of the civil conflict.

On Friday, June 10th, 1911, Mrs. Isabella (Kelly) Robie, passed away at her home on the Salmon river, some eight miles south of Whitebird, from a stroke of paralysis which she had received. On Monday.  At the time of her death she was surrounded by all of her children and two sisters from Boise, who had been summoned when the affliction first came upon her.  The funeral took place at Whitebird on Monday, June 12th, at 1 o’clock p.m., the services being conducted by Rev. Fr. James, of Grangeville.  Beautiful floral offerings were made by scores of friends of the deceased, and the services were very impressive.

Mrs. Robie was probably one of the oldest and certainly one of the best known and most highly respected pioneers in Idaho county.  She came to Florence with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Kelly in 1861, at the first gold excitement, from California, to which state they had come from Staten Island, N.Y. where deceased was born; November 26th, 1847.  Here she was united in marriage to Samuel Benedict February 7th, 1863, who was killed by the Indians in the Nezperce war of 1877.  In 1880 Mrs. Benedict was united in marriage to Edward W. Robie, who died in 1888.  Mrs. Robie not only lost her husband and home at the hands of the hostiles during the Indian war of 8177, but was caputured by the Indians herself and held a prisoner for sometime.  Of late years she has lived at her home on the ranch south of WHitebird, and here it was that she passed her last hours on earth.

She leaves to mourn her demise two sisters, Mrs. George Cartwright, and Mrs. Mary Orchard, of Boise, and children as follows:  Edward Robie, Mrs. Frank Taylor and Mrs. Pickett Chamberlain of Whitebird; Mrs. G.W. Brown and Grant Benedict, of Grangeville; Mrs. Frankie Shissler, of Elk City; and Miss Alice Robie.



We desire to publicly thank all the neighbors and friends who offered their services and ministered to the relief of our mother and sister during her last sickness, and assisted in performing the final acts of respect and kindness

Mrs. W.G. Brown

Mrs. Frankie Shissler

Mrs. Frank L. Taylor

Mrs. Pickett Chamberlain

Edward Robie

Grant Benedict

Alice Robie

Mary Orchard

Mrs. Geo Cartwirght



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