MARCH 3, 1893

Found Dead

Saturday word was brought to this place by S.B. Curtin that a sheep herder living on Rapid river had either been murdered or had committed suicide.  Dr. Turner coroner, started early Monday morning for the scene of the discovery.  But little information could be obtained in regard to the matter.  Later Thursday evening Dr. Turner returned fro Rapid river with full information on the subject.  The jury returned the following verdict:  “We the undersigned jurors, empanelled to sit in inquisition find the deceased to be one John Schrader and that he came to his death on or about Feb. 13, 1893, about two and a half miles northwest of Thos. Polock’s residence on Rapid river, Idaho County, Idaho, by a pistol ball supposed to have been fired by his own hand.  JURY.”  John Schrader has been in the employ of Wm. Clark on Rapid River about two and half years, and on Feb. 13th he left with the sheep for the range.  Nothing unusual was noticed in his actions except that he was not quite as talkative as usual.  Tuesday a brother of Mr. Clark’s found the sheep scattered on the range and gave the alarm.  On Wednesday afternoon the body was found laying on the left side with the hand under the head.  His revolver was about two feet distant with an empty shell at his feet.  The upper portion of the skull was completely destroyed by the shot.  One of the witnesses found tracks about ten yards away but owing to the condition of the ground was unable to trace same.  Deceased’s dog which was with him had tramped the snow about the body so as to obliterate all tracks.  One witness said that on Monday he heard distinctly two shots and about fifteen minutes later he thought he heard one more.  The two shots were fired in quick succession.  The deceased has no known relatives, but had spoken of sending some money to his brother supposed to live in California.  Some suspicion of murder yet lingers but no evidence could be found to substantiate this belief.



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