DECEMBER 15, 1908


Body of Henry Sebring Laid to Rest in Wilds of Clearwater Mountains


Rough-Spoken Words of Big-Hearted Men Pay Tribute Before Remains Are Left in Solitudes Given Up to Wild Beasts – Story of Young Man’s Fight for Life Against  the Elements

  (Special Dispatch) 

Spokane, Dec. 14 – With four Forest Service men as pallbearers of his rude coffin of pine slabs, whipsawed in the forest and three trappers as the audience which listened to the rough-spoken words of good fellowship marking the memory of Henry Sebring, the young hunter’s body has been laid to rest on Pete King Creek, a branch of the Lochsa river, 100 miles from a settlement, in the haunt of wild beasts, where solitude is disturbed only by the occasional passing of a United States Forest Ranger, in which claims the frozen body was found by searchers. 

Young Sebring had gone hunting with W. Sensney of Kooskia, an experience woodsman, and after camping at Syringa, December 3, startling on the first leg of their long jaunt on the hills.

Lost in the Mountain

After traveling but two miles they became separated.  The search for the young man was taken up by rangers next day.  On December 5 a party left the forest reserve headquarters at Kooskia, Idaho, to hunt for Sebring, but both parties met with no success.  Tracks were discovered in the snow on Big Smith Creek, and later the paper in which his lunch had been wrapped was found.

Spent Night in Hollow Tree

Snow during the night obliterated all tracks.  The next day the party found where Sebring had crossed the divide into Pete King Creek, nine miles from the mouth.  Tracks were afterward found in a circle.  He spent the night in a hollow tree.

The search was given up, but Bert F. Cressler and Tony Lock, both forest experts, kept on the trail and found the remains face downward in a snow bank, his gun lying three rods away.

He had traveled about 30 miles and succumbed to the strain and the exposure in the rugged Clearwater mountains.




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