On south fork Salmon river, this county, April 28, 1892, Sylvester S. Smith, aged 63 years 10 months and 23 days, of dropsy.

"Three Fingers" Smith was one of the pioneers of Idaho county, among the first in the camp of Florence, where he made a great deal of money from the richest claim in camp.  He afterward went to Warren and had very rich diggins.  He probably made more money from the placer mines of Idaho county than any other one man, yet in spite of all the money made, returned to the south fork of Salmon river, where he died very poor not due alone to bad management, but almost wholly to generosity, which he did not practice alone when he made lots of money, but to the last days of his life.  Half of all his house and larder contained was always welcome to the needy and prospector.  

There were about twenty-three miners and prospectors on the river when he died, and all attended the funeral.  A more typical and natural scene could not have been arranged.  The old man seemed to understand the situation and expressed himself ready to die and the day before he expired he ordered some sluice boxes brought down to be used for his coffin, which was done.  He was wrapped in a buffalo robe, placed in the coffin, and the grave closed over the remains of the most noble, true-hearted pioneer of Idaho county, who will be mourned over by all who ever knew him.

He participated in the several Indian wars that have occurred in Idaho and was shot in several places.

Note: **S.S. smith was buried next to his son, Bob, who perished in the snow delivering mail to Alton district.  Surviving are three sons, Sam, Warren and Henry. "Three Fingered" Smith was resting on his rifle many years ago with his two hands crossed over the muzzle.  The rifle accidentally discharges removing the middle finger of each hand and gave Smith a cognomen for life. 





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