JUNE 22, 1905

  Young Man Perishes

  Francis Steele was a school teacher and spent the winter and early spring in Mt. Idaho.  He left Grangeville on May 8 for Roosevelt where he expected to teach school during the summer and assess the district for the county assessor of Idaho Co. On May 9 he appeared at Campbell’s crossing where he was supplied with food by Warren Cook.  This is the last time he was seen.

  He was directed by Cook how to follow the trail as miners and packers are constantly passing back and forth to the mines, and no trace of Steele had been found until Vance and Whitaker, of Roosevelt, found the assessment blanks and school books at the mouth of Ramey creek.  They had evidently been on the ground several days as they were covered with mould.  There was a bucket that had been taken from the cabin of Tom Lynch on May 20.  Lynch was fishing and had left some grouse, fish and a lot of cooked beans in his cabin and when he returned he found the cabin had been entered and the greater part of the food was gone.  There was a pair of gloves on the floor.

  Search parties have spent several days traveling through the mountains where the papers were found, but no trace of the unfortunate man has been discovered.  Steele leaves a wife in Portland.



JULY 27, 1905

  Steele’s Body Found

Miners who arrived at Warren, Monday brought the news that the body of Francis Steele has been found near the mouth of Ramey creek which is about a half mile from the spot where he camped and ate his last meal.  The supposition at the time of his disappearance is that he had attempted to cross Big Creek and was drowned.  Details concerning the burial of the body have not been learned, but it is thought no effort will be made to bring the remains out of the country.


AUGUST 17, 1905

Steele’s Body Found

Word has been received that the body of Francis Steele has been found in Big Creek.  A similar report reached here about two weeks ago but the body then found was evidently that of some other unfortunate.  It is said that papers and other articles on the body leave no doubt as to his identity.  Coroner Irwin and J.W. Evans, a brother-in-law of Steele’s expect to examine the body and it will be brought out for burial if possible.

SEPT 7, 1905

Coroner Irvin passed through Warren with the remains of  Francis Steele who was lost in Big Creek last spring.  The remains were taken to Cottonwood for interment.




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