DIED - WOOD - In Grangeville, january 30, 1888, Alice M. Wood, eldest daughter of Charles B. and Lizzie G. Wood, aged 17 years, 11 months and 29 days.

"Ay, thou art for the grave; thy glances shine too brightly to shine long; another spring shall deck her for men's eyes, - but not for --thing; sealed in sleep that knows no waking"

It is with a sorrowful heart that we chronicle the demise of Alice M. Wood.  Only a week ago she was in the full flush of health, the hope and pride of her parents and relatives and the beloved of a host of friends; who were looking forward to her approaching bridal with feelings of affectionate interest.  But the dark shadow of the angel Azrael was upon her, and with almost shocking suddenness beckoned her hence.  For several days she had been employed with busy fingers upon her bridal costume.  In the glad anticipation of youth, for her approaching marriage, and when the garment was completed, she said to her sister that after the ceremony she would lay the dress away and be buried in it.  On Wednesday, January 25, she was attacked with scarlet fever and grew rapidly worse, losing consciousness and on Sunday it was known that her hours on earth were numbered.  But she rallied toward the evening, and recovered consciousness so far as to talk intelligently of her approaching end, without a tremor of fear and to express her wish to be buried in her wedding garments.  At 5:20 o'clock on Monday morning her soul passed under this shadow of life, to explore the mystery of that with which all are forever young.  In the death of a young girl there is something so cold and cruel, something so utterly beyond our control, that we fell like sinking into despair at its presence.  But we have nothing to do with death; through life we may nurture and cherish, but death steps in an d robs us of our care.  The gardener goes forth among his flowers and finds his loveliest blossom gone.  With anguish he demands, "Who plucked that rose"  The attendant answeres, "The master."  and the gardener is satified.  For we may feel assured that one so young , so fair, so ch----, so true-0hearted, has been transplanted into a more peaceful sanctuary than this trouble world of ours.  And what an exquisite and beautiful thing it is, when the troubled heart is touched and softened with feelings of tranquil happiness and affection, to have the patien angels of loved ones still further soothe it with the balm of tender memories.  Happy indeed are they who love one dead to be ever near to inspire them with happy and noble emotions.

the simple but affecting burial service of the Patrons of Husbandry was performed over the grave by the brethrena nd sisters of charity Grange, of which she was an active member and as the casket was hid from human eyes forever, the cheerful sun shone through a barrier of clouds and illumined the cemetery towards the rising sun with a burst of sunshine, typical of the immortality which awaits us beyond the grave.


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