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1901 Mt. Stuart & Kooskia 1901_stuart.jpg (45812 bytes)
Kooskia Ice Jam kooskiaicejam.jpg (66826 bytes)
Kooskia Flood 1948 kooskiaflood1.jpg (44244 bytes)
Kooskia Flood 1948  kooskiaflood.jpg (24707 bytes)
Ferry at Kooskia - Abt. 1911 1911kooskia.jpg (19344 bytes)
Road between Kamiah and Kooskia Abt 1910 koosk1910.jpg (64586 bytes)
Clearwater River at Kooskia Abt. 1914 kooskia1914.jpg (52499 bytes)
Pack Train at Kooskia Abt. 1920 kooskia1920horses.jpg (54583 bytes)
Birds Eye View of Kooskia Abt. 1912 kooskia_1912.jpg (167298 bytes)
Kooskia Fair - Rodeo kooskia_1914abt.jpg (30038 bytes)
Kamiah - Western Hardware - Abt. 1912
Kamiah Street Scene kamiahstreet.jpg (40077 bytes)
Kamiah - Early 1900's kamiah_early_1900.jpg (60726 bytes)
New Bridge - Kamiah - 1912 kamiah_newbridge_1912_squaws.jpg (82343 bytes)
Flying R Hotel - 1960's 1960sflyingRmotel.jpg (85442 bytes)
Clearwater IOOF Hall Clearwater_ioof_hall.jpg (38309 bytes)
Clearwater Baseball Team 

Johnny Clarke is identified on the bottom left.  If you can help identify any others, please contact me. This photo was in a box that was received from the estate of Eloise Gunter.  Her mother was Opal Farris, who was married to Eldon Gunter.

ClearwaterBaseball.jpg (88837 bytes)
Branding at Clearwater (Reed Family)

William Reed, Branding cows at his Clearwater Ranch.

Submitted by Mary June,

1912William_Reed_Clearwater_branding.jpg (173858 bytes)
1900 Railroad Tracks along Clearwater River 1900clearwater_railroad.jpg (404032 bytes)
1920 Lolo Pass lolopass1920.jpg (153703 bytes)
Lenore lenore.jpg (22908 bytes)
Lowell Cafe lowellcafe.jpg (22543 bytes)
Stites Public School - 1911 stitespublicschool-1911.jpg (36699 bytes)
Stites Street - July 4th ? stitesstreet.jpg (40804 bytes)
Stites Street stitesstreet1.jpg (44204 bytes)
Stites Railroad Station stites_1912.jpg (20931 bytes)
Stites Baseball Abt. 1910 stitesbaseball1910.jpg (40941 bytes)
This is believed to be Stites street.JPG (20463 bytes)
Bridge over Clearwater River at Stites clearwaterbridge.jpg (23902 bytes)






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