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Cottonwood Hospital cwoodhospital.jpg (53004 bytes)
St. Gertrude's Convent


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 Monastery monastery.jpg (13717 bytes)
St. Gertrude's Museam 1950 museum_1950.jpg (30085 bytes)
St. Gertrude's Convent 1940                  1940stgertrudes.jpg (61779 bytes)
St Gertrude's Convent Overview st_gertrude_overview_1958_1.jpg (24711 bytes)
St Gertrude's Convent Overview st_gertrude_overview_1958.jpg (26732 bytes)
St Gertrude's Convent stgertrudes.jpg (22458 bytes)
St Gertrude's Convent Postcard Booklet stgertrude1.jpg (105782 bytes)
St. Michaels Monestary stmichaelspc_cwood.jpg (78460 bytes)
Cottonwood High School        cwoodhighschool.JPG (149293 bytes) 
Cottonwood Street Scene       cwoodstreet.JPG (137645 bytes)
Cottonwood Flour Mill           cwoodmill.JPG (101132 bytes)
Ferdinand School


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Cottonwood 1889  Cottonwood_1889.jpg (35094 bytes)
Nezperce Town


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Nezperce High Basketball Team of 1939

My dad, William Don Calbreath, is #3.
Submitted by: Crystal Calbreath

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Cottonwood 1913    cottonwoodabt1913.JPG (75744 bytes)
Cottonwood First Train cottonwood_first_train.jpg (98701 bytes)
Catholic School & Church Postmarked  1909  1909catholic.jpg (22771 bytes)
St. Mary's Church and School 1922 cwood1922.jpg (267491 bytes)
Cottonwood Commercial Club Parade Wagon  

This was a little wagon pulled by pigs that the Cottonwood Commercial Club entered in the Parade.  It is a bit fuzzy, but you can still read the "Frisco or Bust" slogan on the top.  It is postmarked 1910.

1910cwoodcommercialclub.jpg (25216 bytes)
Professor Arthur Brissette & the Cottonwood Pigs - 1912 Pig_cart.jpg (121709 bytes)
1898 Registered POD Package - Front idcottonwood1.jpg (123877 bytes)
1898 Registered POD Package - Back idcottonwood2.jpg (131619 bytes)
Lawyer's Canyon Trestle - 1908 Bridge_1.jpg (105118 bytes)
Lawyer's Canyon Trestle - 1908 lawyers_bridge_1908.jpg (120291 bytes)
Lawyer's Canyon Trestle - 1908 trestle1.JPG (83565 bytes)
Lawyer's Canyon Trestle - 1908 trestle2.JPG (78699 bytes)
Lawyer's Canyon Trestle - 1911 trestle31_1911.jpg (43637 bytes)
Lawyer's Canyon Trestle lawyers_canyon_trestle_ferdinand.jpg (82921 bytes)







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