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"The Busters"  Buster Mine Baseball Team 1909

This team was formed by the miners who worked at the Buster Mine, which was owned by Buster Smith. This was taken about 1909 at Elk City.  Anyone recognize the players?

BusterBB1_elkcity.jpg (44045 bytes)
"The Busters"   buster1909.jpg (20688 bytes)
"The Busters" BusterTeamC.jpg (29729 bytes)
The Buster's Pitcher BusterPitcher.jpg (27147 bytes)
Pitcher - Calvin W McAffey? Calvin_W_Haffey_MaHaffey.jpg (20452 bytes)
1912 Buster Mine - Elk City bustermine1910elkcity.jpg (153340 bytes)
Buster Mine - Elk City ELKCITYBUSTERMINE2.jpg (20321 bytes)
Buster Mine - Elk City ELKCITYBUSTERMINE3.jpg (10155 bytes)
Buster Mine - Elk City MineBuster.jpg (32455 bytes)
Miners from the Buster Mine

Back Row -Left to Right: Stanley Litchfield, Chas. W. Willis, Clyde Moses, Geo. Kelsey, Unknown, Tom Williamson

Front Row - Left to Right: W. Turnbull, Harry C. Robinson, Phil Shearer, Earl Moses, Art Hillier, Denny Ford

BUSTERMINEGROUP1.jpg (47878 bytes)
Buster Mine Miners

Left - Stanley Litchfield      Right - Chas. Willis

BUSTERMINEGROUP2.jpg (22753 bytes)
Elk City Gold Miners 1910

This is a group of miners said to be at the Buster Mine in Elk City about 1910.

BUSTERMINERS1910.jpg (26295 bytes)
Elk City Horse Race

This photo depicts a horse race down the street during the 4th of July Celebration.  Year is unknown.

ElkCityHorses1.jpg (24702 bytes)
Elk City 4th of July Parade abt. 1909 ElkCityFourth1909.jpg (25162 bytes)
Dixie Idaho 1910 DIXIE1910.jpg (32375 bytes)
Dixie Idaho  dixie5.jpg (33770 bytes)
Dixie Idaho dixie11.jpg (46399 bytes)
Dixie Idaho & Horses DIXIE1909.jpg (37843 bytes)
Dixie Idaho - 1960's dixie1960s.jpg (109398 bytes)
Dixie in the winter dixiewinter.jpg (26180 bytes)
Dixie Dredge dredge.jpg (91604 bytes)
Dixie Schoolhouse schoolhouse_dixie1.jpg (66357 bytes)
Dixie Hotel 1906  1906dixiehotel.jpg (133537 bytes)
Dixie Pack String
Orogrande Dredge orogrande_dredge.jpg (62062 bytes)
Orogrande orogrande.JPG (403986 bytes)
Red River Hot Springs  

The Original Lodge and Pool.

redriver.jpg (269715 bytes)
1920 Red River Hotsprings 1920RedRiverHotsprings.jpg (108908 bytes)
Red River Hot Springs Pool redriverpool.JPG (332516 bytes)
Switchback Station 1920's

Switchback Station - 1920's  The Allen Kennedy Family

From the Kennedy  Collection (contributed by: Jamie Edmonson)

Switchback_Station_circa_1920s-Allen_Kennedy_Family-Kennedy_Collection.JPG (86986 bytes)
Switchback Station switchback_camp.JPG (202840 bytes)
Elk City Wagon Road - Winter Travel Elk_City_Wagon_Road_Winter_Travel-Johnson_Col.jpg (114564 bytes)
Elk City - Mrs. Bell, Noel Litchfield

Mrs. Bell, Noel Litchfield & daughters, Lillian & Helen

Contributed by: Jamie Edmonson

MrsBell_Noel_Litchfield_daughters_Lillian_Helen.JPG (60164 bytes)
Nitz Family - Elk City

Contributed by: Bill Salmon

NITZ.jpg (170830 bytes)
Original Locators of the Buffalo Hump Mining District Click Here
Elk City 1938 1938_elkcity.jpg (7471 bytes)
Humptown (Buffalo Hump) humptown.jpg (66846 bytes)
Hanging Rock on South Fork hanging_rock.JPG (129887 bytes)
Elk City - 4th of July 1909 4julyelkhorseracebet_1909.jpg (33950 bytes)
Elk City - 4th of July 1909

Baker and Whipple Drilling

baker_whipple_1909_drilling.jpg (20069 bytes)
Elk City - 4th of July buster_fatherofelkcity_1909.jpg (23858 bytes)
Believed to be the Chinese Laundry in Elk City chineselaundry1910.jpg (20769 bytes)
Dewey Mine - Abt. 1909 deweymine1910.jpg (31781 bytes)
Elk City - 4th of July - Wagon Ride ELKCITYCARRIAGE1.jpg (33105 bytes)
Close-up of above photo - Can you name anyone? ELKCITYCARRIAGE2.jpg (26797 bytes)
Hotel Buster - Elk City ELKCITYLARGE3.jpg (24011 bytes)
Parr Hotel - Elk City elkcitystreet1.JPG (22850 bytes)
Parr Hotel - Elk City Parr_Hotel.jpg (18565 bytes)
Mrs. Parr feeding the fawns Mrs_Parr.jpg (18204 bytes)
Ferry near Elk City - abt. 1910 ferry_near_elkcity_1910.jpg (26836 bytes)
Close- up of men in above photo ferry2.jpg (17762 bytes)
Arrastra Wheel - probably Elk City/Dixie Area WheelArrastra_1910_elkcity.jpg (33834 bytes)
Newsome Townsite newsome.jpg (97319 bytes)
Hydraulic Mining at Newsome newsome_hydraulic.jpg (58137 bytes)
Southfork Lodge  southforklodge_gville.jpg (29653 bytes)
Warren Dredge warren_dredge.jpg (22060 bytes)
Warren Hotel warrenhotel.jpg (25268 bytes)







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