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Main Street Grangeville 


gvl1908.jpg (151734 bytes)

Main Street Grangeville 

Date Unknown

GvilleSt.jpg (160279 bytes)


First Train to Grangeville

1908-train.jpg (349094 bytes)


First Train to Grangeville 

(different view)

Dec3-1908_first_train_to_gville.jpg (21751 bytes)
Camas Prairie Overlook overlook.jpg (61300 bytes)
Tolo School Bell ToloBell.jpg (35428 bytes)
Grangeville General Hospital hospital.jpg (52363 bytes)
Grangeville Main Street gvillstreet.jpg (99174 bytes)
Grangeville High School grangevillehigh.jpg (55981 bytes)
Grangeville High School highschool_gville.jpg (40085 bytes)
 Border Days 1919   

Submitted by Deb Starr

border1919.jpg (53900 bytes)
Basketball Team  

Note on photo reads: Left lower front is Floyd Manning.  

Submitted by Deb Starr

manning.jpg (98270 bytes)
1931 Grangeville Band   gville1931.jpg (195857 bytes)
1916 Grangeville 3rd Grade Class   

Submitted by Deb Starr

school1913.jpg (107471 bytes)
Mt. Idaho - Early Days      Submitted by Deb Starr   midaho.jpg (111287 bytes)
Grangeville 1893 - View 1   Submitted by Deb Starr

Note that the buildings are up off the ground.  This is because they built them over the creek that runs through the center of town.  

g1893.jpg (119122 bytes)
Grangeville 1893  - View 2  Submitted by Deb Starr gv893.jpg (99977 bytes)
Grangeville 1893  - View 3   Submitted by Deb Starr gville1893.jpg (79993 bytes)
Baptist Church Grangeville 1907 1907church.jpg (15798 bytes)
Grangeville Church gville_church.jpg (31671 bytes)
Imperial Hotel

The Imperial Hotel was built in 1908.  It was three stories and had 84 rooms.  The Landlord was Lady E.A. Tamiblyn.  They served 5 course dinners which included things like caviar, consommé & lobster.  Pretty fancy in it's day!  It burned in 1966.  There is now an Ace Hardware on the corner where the Hotel once stood.  

Imperial_Hotel.jpg (33637 bytes)
Imperial Hotel  Abt. 1914


            imperial_hotel_1914.jpg (61116 bytes)
1907 GrangevilleStagecoach Gville_Stagecoach_1907.jpg (50882 bytes)
Grangeville Street gville.jpg (30783 bytes)
Bridge Over Creek - Grangeville Idaho_bridge_gville.JPG (46310 bytes)
Grangeville Street  


mainstreet_gville.JPG (118026 bytes)
1915 Grangeville High School 1909highschool.jpg (102078 bytes)
1914 Electricity Comes to Grangeville 1914_Gville_Electricity.jpg (38359 bytes)
1910 Wheat Blockade 1910_wheat_blockade.jpg (29751 bytes)
1908 Pack Train 1908_pack_train.jpg (57428 bytes)
A Business Corner - Grangeville 1910

This is looking across the street from the First National Bank.  The building on the corner used to be Braybrook Shoe Repair.  It is no longer there.

1910_gville.jpg (29261 bytes)
Senior class of 1914 from Grangeville High School

Here is a listing of the students: (in alphabetical order)
Maybe someone out there knows who is who.

April 7, 1914
Alexander, Marietta
Atwood, Pittman
DeHaven, Mary
Gager, Myra
Guthrie, Helen
Hesterman, Freda
Horning, Arthur
Hurley, Cora
Kennedy, Samuel
Knorr, Walter
McEntie, Mary
McEntie, Rose
Rush, J.Clarke
Squibb, Martha
Taylor, Hugh

1914grangevillehs.jpg (31897 bytes)
1900 Waha to Grangeville Stagecoach

This picture was about 1900.  The Waha to Grangeville Stagecoach

1900stage_waha_to_gville.jpg (53351 bytes)
Walt Edwards - Grangeville City Cop  

This picture was printed from an old black and white photo found in a box from the estate of Eloise Gunter. I don't know when Walt was a city cop, but I assume it was late 50's or early 60's.  I believe he was Clayton Edward's father.  Please correct my information if it is wrong.

walt_edwards.jpg (30169 bytes)
Jackson Sundown, Border Days 1921    Offsite Link
Nezperce Group with Mayor Wax of Grangeville Offsite Link
Adams Camp Roadhouse

This is now called Adams Camp Work Center. Many of the original cabins are still there, and sometimes used by the Forest Service.  It is located just off the Fish Creek road on the way to Florence and the Gospel Hump The Hungry Ridge Road also passes by it..

roadhouse_adamscamp.jpg (7517 bytes)
Border Days Indians Girls & Babies

Sept. 12, 1914  Border Days, Grangeville.  Amelia John & Katie Smith. 

sept12_1914_borderdays_ameliajohn_kattiesmith.jpg (24420 bytes)
Tolo Lake tololake.jpg (29655 bytes)
Denver Flour Mill

Submitted by Deb Starr

denvermill.jpg (19899 bytes)
Denver 2004 denver2.jpg (45879 bytes)
Fish Creek Lookout Cabin       1.jpg (31143 bytes)
Grangeville Generator Station        gvillegeneratorstation.jpg (35774 bytes)
Grangeville Flood   May 21, 1921 

A & F, Dodge Bros Garage & Movie Theatre can be seen

5-21-21 AandF dodge bros garage movie theater on right corner.jpg (17277 bytes)
Grangeville Flood  May 21, 1921

"Glauville lost his life during cloudburst in Grangeville"

5-21-21 Glauville lost his life during cloudburst-gville.jpg (23965 bytes)
Grangeville Flood May 21, 1921 cloudburst 5-21-21.jpg (20191 bytes)
Border Days Parade 1920
Frank Zehner & Charlie Lee 1911-1912 frankzehner_charlielee_1911-12.jpg (16450 bytes)
Fred Johnson 1911-1912 fred_johnson_borderdays_1911-12.jpg (14701 bytes)
Grangeville 1909 grangeville1909.jpg (106036 bytes)
Grangeville Flood May 21, 1921

Dodge Bros Service Station, Bradbury's Cafe

Grangeville Roller Mills gville_roller_mills.jpg (14322 bytes)
Harvesting Near Grangeville Abt. 1910 harvest_1910.JPG (237224 bytes)
1913 Cut 'Em Loose Rodeo Ribbon rodeoribbon.jpg (28050 bytes)
Vintage Silver Spoon w/gold pan- Grangeville/Eldorado spoon1.jpg (27711 bytes)
Grangeville Courthouse courthouse_gville.jpg (20432 bytes)

Now Identified!

Left to Right-

Shorty Today

MIllard Lewis

Jape Bittle

gville_family.jpg (236240 bytes)
1910 First National Bank 1910_first_natl_bank.jpg (93581 bytes)
1902 National Bank of Grangeville $10 Bill - These are very rare! 1902bank.jpg (53137 bytes) 

 1902bank1.jpg (50418 bytes)

First National Bank of Grangeville Piggy Bank - 1919 bank1919.jpg (32667 bytes)

bank1.jpg (25614 bytes)

1915 Border Days Pennant borderdays.jpg (31541 bytes)
Lamm Drug Company Label - 1916 lamm_1916.jpg (28025 bytes)
Whipple Transmission Company Stock Certificate whipplestock.jpg (169542 bytes)
Harvest Celebration 1907 harvest1907.jpg (497596 bytes)
Camas Motel-Crossroads

(Ernie's Steakhouse now sits there)

camasmotel_crossroads.jpg (20182 bytes)
Idaho Territory Gold Note goldnote.jpg (28677 bytes)

goldnote1.jpg (20755 bytes)

Idaho Territory Gold Note warrant.jpg (18642 bytes)
Fish Creek Lookout Cabin fishcrklookoutcabin.jpg (31143 bytes)






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