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Cowboys gville_family1.jpg (195411 bytes)
Little Boy with Staff boystaff_elitestudio.jpg (390897 bytes)
Little Girl on Swing girl in swing.jpg (69022 bytes)
7th Annual Border Days 7th-Annual-Border-Days,-Gra.jpg (12616 bytes)
Border Days Cowboys 1911 or 1912 borderdays_1911-12.jpg (19582 bytes)
Very Large Barn barn.jpg (35875 bytes)
Border Days 1914 1914_Border_Days1.jpg (53109 bytes)
Border Days 1914 - Women in Cart 1914_border_days2.jpg (49280 bytes)
1912 Boys Basketball Team 1912_b1.jpg (18048 bytes)
1900 Grangeville Cheerleaders 1900_g1.jpg (18712 bytes)
Wayne Howerton & unknowns

I am told the gentleman on the right is Wayne Howerton.  If anyone knows the identity of the others, please let me know.  This was taken in Grangeville.

wayne_howerton.jpg (38557 bytes)
Family Photo - Unknowns UnknownGentleman.jpg (48989 bytes)
Unknown Man UnknownMan.jpg (237977 bytes)
Unknown Girls at Secesh near Warrens Unknown_-_Warren-Secesh.jpg (36615 bytes)
Unknown Group at Warrens Warren-Unk1.jpg (49211 bytes)
Unknown Group at Warrens Warren-Unk2.jpg (49741 bytes)
Unknown Girls at Warrens Warren-Unk3.jpg (48142 bytes)





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