Idaho County Free Press  - April 17, 1891

After a long delay, Idaho county is to have a poor farm.  the subject has been urged for the attention of the board of County commissioners for several years.  A good farm can be purchased much cheaper now than it will ever be possible hereafter.

Idaho County Free Press  - Dec. 16, 1892
Notice to Contractors

Notice is hereby given that bids will be received by the Hon. Board of County commissioners of Idaho County, Idaho, for the care of the county Poor of said Idaho County, for the ensuing two years, to wit: from January 1893 to January 1895.  All bids must be in writing and must be filed with the undersigned on or before January 7, 1893.  The Board reserves the right to reject any and all bids.  A bond will be required from the successful bidder for the faithful fulfillment of the contract.  By order of the Board., Dec. 8, 1892.  C.W. Case, Clerk

Idaho County Free Press - June 21, 1899

John Mahoney, a pioneer placer miner of Warren, was committed to the poor farm.  He was flush for many years, but whiskey ruined him.  The Surridge family, on Camas Prairie, gave him a sheltering home for sweet charity’s sake for some time, but rural life was too quiet for him.

Idaho County Free Press -July 19, 1923

Modern electric lights are soon to replace obsolete tallow candles as a means of illuminating inmate’s rooms at the Idaho County Poor Farm.  Inmates of the poor farm can thank a suicide for delivering them from semidarkness.  A German native provided for his property to be used on the poor farm.  He had 160 acres in Winona.




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