Name/AKA Names and Location

Adkinson/Johns    T30N, R2E, S26     Was in general area of the Golf Course 

Agee/Enterprise    T33N, R4E, S21     May still be standing 

Aram      South of Grangeville on Whiskey Bill Creek

Banner Ridge     T28N, R2E, S33 

Battle Ridge      T31N, R4E, S02      Southeast of Stites on ridge Northeast of Harpster

Bear/McCarval     Located two miles west of Joseph Junction. Has been torn down.

Big Butte/Seger     T32N R2E, S02     Now a community center 

Big Cedar     T32N, R5E, S36     Moved across road. Now a community Center.

Boles/Yellow Pine    T30N, R3W, S15 

Bruner     T31N, R1E, S02     Closed in 1920-21 & its number given to To Red River.

Buettner/Moughmer Point/Pine View.      T30N, R1W, S1 

Bug Slope/Rocky Canyon      T30N, R1W, S25 

Canfield/Doumecq     T29N, R1E, S19     Some confusion with Jack Pine, note the difference in legal descriptions 

Caribel/Lunders     T34N, R4E, S27 

Carnes     T31N, R1E, S22      

Clear Creek     T31N, R5E, S06 

Columbus     T31N, R2E, S12 

Cottonwood     T31N, R1E, S05     Saint Mary;’s Hospital sits on this site. 

Cow Creek #09/Dewey/Lucile   T25N, R1W, S05 Above Lucile about three miles 

Cramer/Doty Ridge/Fort Misery     T33N, R3E, S05 

Crooks Corral/Curby Bar     Crooks Corral is Northwest of Cow Cr. Saddle 

Czizek/Golden Anchor     T24N, R4E, S20 & 21 Has a shared number with Bear School 

Deep Creek/Hussman Mill     T31N, R1W, S05    Three miles north of Keuterville

Deer Creek     T27N, R1E, S05 

Delaney     T30N, R4E, S06     Located at top of Harpster Grade 

Denver     T31N, R2E, S29     School closed in 1939 

Dixie     T26N, R8E, S27     Oldest Standing School building in the State of Idaho. Replaced with a new  building in 1948.

East Kamiah/Kamiah Union     T33N, R4E, S07 Located where National Park Service is today. 

Elk City     T29N. R8E, S26 

Engle/Fitting     T32N, R5E, S12     School Burned to the ground. 

Enneking/Schroeder/Timber     T31N, R1W, S17 

Eureka/Lower Clear Creek     T32N, R4E, S15     Located east of junction of Leitch & Clear Creeks

Excelsior/ Baker Gulch     T28N, R2E, S20 

Fairview     T31N, R3E, S34     Moved into Grangeville 

Fenn/VonBargen     T30N, R2E, S06     Original school burned, new school was Destroyed to make room for new home.

Ferdinand     T33N, R1W, S36   

Florence     T25N, R3E, S13     First School built in Idaho 1864. 

Free Use/Nephi/Gouge Eye    T28N, R2E, S18    Located 7 miles east of Whitebird on Free Use Road

French Creek/Howard Ranch     Probably at mouth of French Creek on Howard Ranch

Gill Point/Gill     T30N, R1E, S21     

Glenwood/Morris     T34N, R5E, S33 

Golden     T29N, R6E, S24

Grandview/Onthank/     T33N, R4E, S02 Pi

Willow Hill

Grangeville    T30N, R3E, S19

Greencreek    T32N, R2E, S19 

Harpster    T31N, R4E, S33 

Harris Ridge    T33N, R5E, S30

Harrisburg/Forest Center     T34N, R3E, S13 2nd & 3rd buildings still standing in 2001 

Highland     T31N, R2E, S08     Located 2 miles north of Denver. 

Hopewell     T32N, R3E, S17     Just south of the Mount Zion Cemetery. 

Icicle Flat     T32N, R1W, S23     

Independence/ Independent    T32N, R2E, S28    Near 4 corners area and Northeast of Greencreek. 

Jack Pine/Twogood     T29N, R1E, S31     Some confusion with Doumecq, see legal descrip. 

John Day     T26N, R1E, S13 1&½ miles up John Day Creek, Combined with Cow Creek in 1933-34.

Joseph #62/Joseph #69     T29N, R1W, S28 Built north of Star School in 1935. 

Keuterville #18     T31N, R1W, S10     Also was a catholic school named Holy Cross. 

Kidder Ridge    T33N, R 4E, S14 

King      First school in Mount Idaho, was built near F. B. King’s property in Mount Idaho.

Kooskia     T32N, R4E, S04 

Lake/Tolo     T30N, R2E, S31 

Lamb/Byrant     T33N, R3E, S30    Closed in 1943 and moved to the Henry Schaffer ranch.

Linder     T34N, R4E, S31    No pictures the school is gone. 

Lorena/Turner     T32N, R5E, S05 

Lucile #057     T25N, R1E, S03     Confusion with Cow Creek, see legal descrip. 

Lukes Gulch/Springdale     T31N, R4E, S17-18 Was northeast of Fairview Butte. 

Mackay Bar        Was near the South Fork of the Salmon River. 

Martin/Mountain     Was on the old wagon road to Whitebird and Located on the corner of the Martin homestead.

McBeth       Was located in East Kamiah.  (Also had indian school at Mt. Idaho)

Milt Springs/Mill Springs     T31N, R3E, S22     Near top of Lukes Gulch 

Mount Idaho     T30N, R3E, 28    

Mountain View     T30N, R3E, S32     Was moved to Grangeville. 

New Meadows     No information. 

Nine Pipe     T31N, R3E, S02     Located near the top of Stites Grade. 

Oliver     T32N, R1E, S02     North of Greencreek and 1mile west of The Meadow Creek Church.

Orogrande     T27N, R7E, S11 

Pine Grove/Slavens     T33N, R1W, S34     Closed in 1953, was west of Ferdinand and 5 miles from Westlake.

Pleasant Valley    T31N, R4E, S10     Located on the Southwest corner of W. H. Manes property.

Pleasant View     North of Kamiah and 3 miles up Beaver Slide. 

Pete King (Satellite School)     Not a pioneer school. Began in 1949 with a building being moved from the O’Hara CCC camp.

Pollock/Rapid River     T24N, R1E, S32     Was combined with Riggins in 1937-38 And disallowed in 1941.

Powell     On Highway 12 eleven miles from Montana 

Border.      Built in 1949 and closed 1999.

Red Fir      T32N, R5E, S27

Red River #14     T28N, R9E, S30     Shared district number with Bruner School that operated until 1920. Red River got the Number in 1923-24.

Red Rock     T32N, R2E, S27     Located ¾ miles northwest of Red Rock Creek. 

Reed/SunsetReed/Sunset      Located on the road halfway between Joseph And the Joseph School.

Riggins     T24N, R1E, S15     First school was built in 1894 in north Riggins There were 5 schools through out the years.

Seven Mile/Lawyer’s Canyon     Less than ½ mile from confluence of Lawyer’s Creek and Seven Mile Creek.

Shuck/Star #023     T28N, R2E, S21     Located at Copperville west of Whitebird.

Star #013     T30N, R2E, S11      Located north of Highway 95 and a few Miles east of Fenn.

Star #069      First Joseph school, located on breaks overlooking The Snake River & Getta Creek. Burned in 1933-34.

Slate Creek/Freedom     T27N, R1E, S36     

Spring Camp #048     Located near a present home on the Spencer Ranch on Joseph Plains.

Stites     T32N, R4E, S20     Two blocks west of Main Street in Stites. 

Stock Creek     T32N, R1E, S20     North of Cottonwood, ½ mile from highway 95 near the railroad trestle. Still standing in 2015 - being used to store hay

Stony Point/Rocky Point    T30N, R3E, S23     Conflicting closure dates of 1942 & 1949. 

Sunnyside     T31N, R3E, S30     Located near Denver 

Tahoe/Tahoe Ridge     T32N, R5E, S18 

Union     T31N, R5E, S22     North of Grangeville on land donated by Charles White.

Tramway     Satellite to Woodland #40 located on Corral Creek 

War Eagle     T23N, R5E, S24     Located in the Northwest ¼. 

Warren/Washington      T22N, R6E, S11 

Whitebird     T28N, R1E, S14     Burned in 1913 and damaged by flood in 1917.

Westlake     T32N, R1W, S18     Land granted by C. B. Stewart & James Crom. 

Winona     T32N, R3E, S08     Burned in 1930 & rebuilt. Was moved to Kamiah. 

Woodland     T34N, R3E, S03 Has been moved and is still in use. 

Yellow Pine/ Whispering     T26N, R10E, S32     Located on National Forest ten miles up river 

Bluffs/Whispering Cliffs    from Campbell’s Ferry.


The aforesaid list contains 106 Schools. The book Pioneer Schools In Idaho County also contains information on these same 106 schools.

The following School names have been dropped from the list because no information on them could be found. They are:





Holly Cross

Kamiah #52 which is not in Idaho County


Red River Hot Springs


Seventh Day Adventist

Spring Camp




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