Transcribed from the Idaho County Free Press 

 October 28, 1887

OUR SOLID MULDOONS - The following are the names of all the property owners in this county who pay taxes on an assessed valuation of $1000 and over.


Alexander & Freidenrich  
Auchinvole J.M.
Adkison J.R.
Adkison E
Adkison J.M.
Aram & Son  
Amera J.
Allison W.
Brown W.G.
Brown H.C.
Brown Ben P
Brown L.P.
Brown R.C.
Bates G.S.
Benoy J.
Bradley J.T.
Bemis C
Bibby S.E.
Butler M.E.
Byrom J.E.
Baird Bros
Berg A.
Benson & Hexter  
Bow Wing Co.  
Bems C.A.
Burgdorf F.C.
Cambridge M.E.
Carnes J.
Carr Delos
Carpenter A.
Chamberlain G.W.
Chase E.A.
Chamberlain J.
Clarke W.S.
Crooks J.W.
Crooks J.B.
Cone & Son  
Cowling B.C.
Costley W.L.
Crea Th
Curry W.A.
Cleary Mrs.
Cleary Phil
Case C.W.
Crea J (estate)
Clarke J.
Cary J.
Chamberlain J.B.
Coram J.
Coram W.
Chung Kee
Davis T.J.
Day S.
Day C.M.
Dueber & Co  
Dorman Mrs.
Dorman J.M.
Deasy M.
Eastman J.W.
Earl & Winslow  
Eckert J.L.
Evans E. 
Fletcher W. 
Flynn C. 
Fook Sing Co.  
Forney J.H.
Flynn & Hailey  
Guffney J.H.
Gelbach J.C.
Gill J.G.
Girton T.W.
Greer G. 
Gold Hill Mining Co.  
Glatigny & Co  
Grostein & Binnard  
Harris J.C.
Harriman J.S.
Harriman J.P.
Hawley W. 
Hanson J.  
Harrison J.  
Hashagen G.W.
Hill W.
Holt J.M.
Hong Hing Hong Co  
Hong Fook Hong  
Hadorn J.
HOlt C.E.
Jarrett M.V.
Jewell Joe
Jones H.S.
Joyce Mrs.
Jones Seth
Jones Asa
Johnson H.C.
Johnson A.C.
Johns  S. 
Kinkaid D.T.
King Peter
King & King  
King F.B.
Knighten W.G.
Lambert J.G.
Liston Ed
Lune Wah Co  
Markham ?
Manuel J.J.
Meyer H. 
Milliken J.
Miller H.C.
Morris B.F.
Morrow M.B.
Moose Creek Co  
Meras Ramone
McCallie J.H.
McCafferty J.
McLee & Hickey  
McDermott & Co  
McLean J.F.
McLean W.M.
McPherson J.
McConnell R. 
McGrane F.
McPherson D. 
McHale M.S. (estate)
? T.W.
Pearson W.C.
Pollock & Co  
Puckering J.R.
Pyle L.C.
Quang Sing Hone  
Ready P.H.
Remington J.J.
Remington V.D.
Remington C.V.
Redman estate
Reynolds S.W.
Rice M.H.
Rice C.L. & Co.
Riggins J.T.
Rooke A.B.
Robinson J.H.
Rowton J.G.
Rochepierre C.
Robie Mrs.
Roberts J.H.
Russell J.H.
Riebold G & J
Rhoads T.J.
Rice J.N.
Scott J.O & Son
Schmadeka W.F.
Schmadeka C.H.
Schmadeka Geo
Sebastian W.H.
Shumway A. 
Shissler & Mathison  
Slate Creek Mining Co.  
Silverwood J.T.
Smith Ernest
Smith G.D.
Smiley J.  
Soten & Co.  
Swarts Mary D.
Swarts T.D.
Swarts C.F.
Strub Aug
Shune Lee Co  
Shearer F.A.
Surridge Bros  
Sherwin & Son  
Talkington A.W.
Taylor H.J.
Turner F.P.
Telcher D.H.
Von Berge J.H.
Von Berge W.  
Von Bargen H. 
Vollmer & Scott  
Vollmer, Scott & Dueber  
Watson A.I.
Wagner M. 
Weber John
White  K.W.
White  A.W.
Willson J.H.
Williams W.S.M.
Witt Jas
Wolfe G.M.
Wood C.B.
Wyatt & Ross  
Wall Th
Weller & Wax  





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