Transcribed from the Idaho County Free Press 

 December 21, 1888

Notice is hereby given that I will on Tuesday, the 5th day of February, A.D. 1889, at the Court House Door, in Mt. Idaho, Idaho County; Idaho Territory between the hours of 10 o';clock a.m. and 3 o'clock p.m., sell at Public Auction the following described property to satisy the taxes, interest, penalties and cost due said county from the owners for the year 1888. JOhn N. Rice, Tax Collector, Idaho Co., I.T., Mt. Idaho, I.T., December 20, 1888


Adkison P.D.
Adkison Geor R.
Adkison E.C.
Adkison Elijah
Arant C.M.
Ah Hoe
Black James
Blackburn W.W.
Bentley Orrin
Byrom John
Buford Wm
Bermudas Secusine
Bull F.B.
Bellow C.H
Clemment Joseph
Goffer J.J.
Chamberlain James
Chase C.R.
Castle T.R.
Castle Levi
Co?toire M
Crea J.R.
Clark Thos
Cone Chas Jr
Castle Jerome
Dunham S.P.
Dallas G.W.
Dulsol J
Entrup Wm
Eccles J.C.
Flynn & Healy estate
Farnham Jas A
Gibson P.M.
Garrel C.A.
Gerbrich W.
Hayes S.C.
Hariman Z.F.
Harriman L.H.
Hayworth E.M.
Holbrook C.O.
Hung Gee
Holohan Mrs. Ann
Johnson P.
Jewell I.W.
Krontinger Maj. A.W.
Larsen S.
Morris H.
Mallick P
McMillen H.H.
Pyle L.C.
Poage Mrs. Amanda
Rush J.P.
Rainey Josiah
Remington G.S.
Robinson A.W.
Richard J.E.
Robinson Mrs. Ella
Robitalle Frank
Spofford Edwd C.
Shearer J.C.
Springer M.L.
Shearer R.D.
Seas T.F.
Scott Jewett O
Slate Creek Mining Co  
Swarts T.D.
Sutherland W.J.
Spence James
Smith C.F.
Thompson D.A.
Tracy Wm
Ungram Joe
White Frank C
White C.L.
Willson J.H.
White H.H.
Wilson Chas Jr
Warden A.H. & Co
Ye Sing






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