L- Surname

Surname Given Name
La Chance Alfred
Lacock William
Ladd F F
Lafferty James
Lamb George
Lamberton John
Landreth Oliver
Langill [--?--]
Larsen John
Larsen Peter
Larsen Sevard
Lass William
Lauer W H
Le Bon Peter
Leary John
Leary Michael
Lechamice Fred
Lee Peter
Leehan Con
Leehan Patrick
Leigh Edward Jr
Leigh Edward Sr
Lewis Eli
Lewis Richard
Lick L
Lick N
Lilse George
Linsteadt Julius
Linville U P
Lippencott J
Lockhead John
Lodge B F
Lon Geroge
Luce Albert S
Luney M G
Lynch Charles






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