S- Surname

Surname Given Name
Sally Charles
Sanders John
Saunders J E
Saunders William B
Savage John
Savory William
Sawman William N
Scadden James
Scadden John
Scanlin Thomas
Schnell Fred
Schoff O
Schramm William
Scott F M
Scriver F G
Seckles Chris
Seeknis Charles H
Settie George
Seva F
Sexton P
Shamout John
Shanks Jacob
Shannahan D D
Shannahan J
Shargo William
Sharp H
Sharron Joe
Sheeler William
Sheets Jeff
Shelly William
Sheppard B F
Sheridan M
Sheridan Pat
Shields John
Shilling John
Shutz William
Sills Charles
Silsby S C
Silver Antone
Silver N J
Silver W J
Sisk S M
Sittig J
Sitza L or S
Small Charles
Small Fred
Smith A B
Smith Charles
Smith David
Smith Ed
Smith G W
Smith G W
Smith G W
Smith Ira
Smith Isadore
Smith Jacob
Smith James
Smith Lawrence
Smith M S
Smith Macom
Smith T
Smith T R
Smythe Thomas
Snow Dudley
Snyder D B
Snyder Mark
Snyder W
Spain A A
Spencer R
Splain William
Stablum A R
Stanly Ed
Stanton John
Stevenson W
Stewart William
Stierman William
Stocker John
Stokes Richard
Stone G F
Straus Aaron
Strong John
Strong William H
Suhlsen Henry
Suhlsen John
Sulivan John
Sulivan Mike
Suphers Abe
Surfleet George
Sweet C V
Sweet E
Sweet William
Sword John
Sylvia Fusten






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