W- Surname

Surname Given Name
Wadish Albers
Wadish Jacob
Wagner Jake
Waldron M F
Wallace Mike
Wallace William
Wallis J
Wariner W H
Warner William
Warriner B S
Washington George
Watkins C S
Weaver J F
Webb Charles
Webb O H
Webster T C
Weeks John
Wegner Louis
Wehnn Henry
Weis W O
Welch Richard
Wentworth William
Wertz Cary
Wertz E
West John
West Nate
Wetherell W N
Wetzel Nick
Whalnig Mike
White C L
White Nels
White S S
Whitney H H
Wickland W D
Wilkie Chris
Williams Porter
Williams R
Williams Thomas
Wilson Ben
Wilson C C
Wingert George
Winkle George van
Winninghouse G H
Wise George
Wood F
Wood William
Wood C
Woods Jacob
Woods R M
Wooldrige C
Worberton George
Word Thomas
Worden Ira
Worden M H
Wordsworth J C






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