LEWISTON TRIBUNE - October 8, 1933

Why They Call It Boles

Across the Salmon River from Cottonwood lies Joseph plains, one of the riches sections of Idaho County, deriving its name from the famous Indian chieftain, Joseph.

Joseph plains 50 or 60 years ago was one of the "outposts" of civilization and it still remains in comparative isolation

Along in the early 90's or there-about, while the mining excitement still prevailed in central Idaho and people continued to flock in from all parts of the country.  Mr. and Mrs.. D.H. Boles arrived in Lewiston from the middle west and took up their abode at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Thompson.  Mr.. Boles had heard of the riches of Idaho and he determined to prospect and try his luck, and he chose Joseph plains for his venture.

Boles and his family took up their home in the remote section of Idaho county and engaged in mining enterprises.  There was one inconvenience. There was no post office nearby, so Boles applied for one.  His request was granted and for want of a better name he called it Boles.

Livestock empire

The section is not noted for mining, although much work was done in that vicinity years ago, but it holds an enviable position as a stock raising region, and Boles is the center of activity.  The post office there serves patrons from miles around.  Aside from stock, Joseph plains is a fine farming region.  The soil is rich and the climate mild.

Boles is 20 miles southwest of Grangeville.  The precinct had a population of 116 when the 1930 census was taken.



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