Freedom, Idaho

Now known as Slate Creek

The following description of the town of Freedom was taken from the Grangeville Standard, Industrial Edition Newspaper.  December 1904

Freedom is located at the mouth of Slate Creek, where this stream empties into the main salmon River.  It is twelve miles above white Bird.  It's trade is supplied by the stock farms up Slate Creek and by the mines up and down Salmon River.

Although it is not now the largest on the river, Freedom is still one of the best trading points and was at one time the main point of the entire Salmon river.  It was established in 1861, during the great Florence placer boom.  The old Florence trail left the Salmon river at this point leading over the ridge and back into the hills.  This made it the outfitting point for the mines and it was the center of the mining excitement of the country during that time.  

During the Indian war in 1877, the only fort the people of the country had was at the mouth of Slate Creek, and families congregated there to protect themselves against the Indians.  The early settlers and owners of property there were John Rice, Josh Fockler and C. Cone.  

From the time the excitement of the mines started, there was a post office at Freedom.  By 1898 the post office was discontinued.  But it was through the efforts of John Nevin, the present postmaster, the office was re-established there.

Mrs. W. Irvin, wife of the present coroner of Idaho county, was the first post-mistress after the office was re-established.  It later fell into the hands of Mr. Nevin, who at present has charge of the store and post office.  Besides the store and post office owned by Mr. Nevin, Freedom has a hotel, saloon and feed barn owned by Charles Rice.  

The business of Freedom is conducted almost entirely by John Nevin, owner of the tore and post office.  Mr. Nevin is a business man of especial enterprise.  He is rewarded for his work by a liberal trade up and down the Salmon river.  During the entire year he runs a delivery wagon up and down the river, supplying the various farms and mines along the road.  This is an especial accommodation to the people of this section and his trade reaches past some of the stores nearest to the points.

Mr. Nevin is well known throughout Idaho county.  He first came to the county in 1891.  He came direct to Slate creek and has been identified with the development of the county since that time.  His trade comes from various sources.  Up Slate creek are as many as eight good stock farms.  To the farthest it is about five miles and each of them employ a number of men.

in the immediate community are a number of good mines.  The Consolidated Hydrolic Mining and Development company has made a good showing in their placer claims. 



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