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The name "Keuterville" was a corruption of the name of Mr. Keuther, for whom the town was named.  When the postal service originally came through the town, they asked what the name of the town was.  People told them "Keutherville".  Unfortunately, when the postal service listed the town on their maps, it was listed as "Keuterville".    The local cemetery was a gift to the town from Barney Luchtefeld.  It was a small portion of homestead.                                                                                                                                                                  **Notes from Tina DuBois, Great granddaughter of Barney Luchtefeld, one of the original founders of Keuterville.


The following  has been collected from various histories of the area.

The first settlers of the community were Catholics.  The first mass recorded is said to have taken place in 1883, although they did not have a church built at that time.  The services were given by Father Diomedi.  First taking place at the Hendricks cabin.  The following year they were held in the Gobel house.  

The community finally gathered enough money to build a church about 1884.  It was built with lumber from the Schissler Mill and Forsmann's Mill.  The first church burnt about 1886 and many of the local records, including birth, death, marriage and baptisms were destroyed in the fire. 

 The church was rebuilt in 1887 and the German community sent away to Germany for the alter.  The church once again burned in 1911. In the early years the mission at Keuterville was called "St. Peter's".  Later it was called Sacred Heart and then became Holy Cross Church.

**There are conflicting records on the dates of the churches being built.  If anyone has information that is documented, please let me know, so this can be corrected.  

Mr. Kuther built the first store in 1888, followed by John Maugg building a Blacksmith Shop.  Henry Greving owned a General Store.  The hotel and saloon owned by Henry STricker, livery stable,Uhling's butcher shop, Waldmann's saloon and Krieger's dance hall.

The first Post Office was established there in 1888.  A patent was secured for the townsite in 1889.  



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