Lowe, Idaho

aka Winona


The following description of the town of Lowe was taken from the Grangeville Standard, Industrial Edition Newspaper.  December 1904
Eight years ago there located on Camas Prairie on the present town site of Lowe a former Montana freighter of fifteen years experience.  Endowed with all the hardlihood of a frontiersman Daniel m. Day was well fitted for the task the future had in store for him.  At the time of his settlement the Camas Prairie was as yet not known as an agricultural country, and cattle and horses roamed the vast prairie in semi-wild herds of gigantic proportions.  Mr. Day's ranch consisted of 160 acres, and he toiled on it unceasingly for years, with what appeared to him to be a bright future.  no more better evidence can be obtained of his good judgment than the present pretty little town of Lowe.  He even builded wiser than he knew, for his early prophecy has been more than fulfilled.

Two years ago Mr. A.P. McBoyle secured enough land of Mr. Day on which to locate a small store and the post office of Lowe was immediately established.  For a year and a half Mr. mcboyle stood at one in his enterprises.  But early in the spring of the present year Mr. Day laid out four blocks into city lots.  Hardly had the surveyor completed his labors when demand for business and resident lots became an every day occurrence, and after the short period of six months Mr. Day has seen his ranch change from a wheat field to a bustling, busy little city.  Every business is represented many of them as complete as are carried anywhere in the county.

Mr. Day, besides handling his town site, still conducts his ranch at a handsome profit, and keeps a watchful eye on the welfare of his entire community.  lately he has made many improvements in his little city and many more are to follow.  And as the town of Lowe becomes yet more pretentious it will be through the business sagacity and perseverance of Mr. Day and the men who are associated with him in the various enterprises that have almost built the present city in a ?.

Mr. Day was born and raised in Michigan.  Early in life he learned the means of overcoming the hardships of the frontier.  No one could have been better fitted to found a town on the frontier and give it the impulses necessary to it's ultimate success.    Mr. Day has but one child, Teresa, 18 years of age, who is his comfort and pride and who enjoys with her energetic father the success that has come to him in his various investments.

Mr. Day has only begun, and from the almost miraculous growth of his city ward during the summer just closed what things can be expected of Lowe in the very immediate future.  And many more pretentious towns in the county had better look to their laurels as commercial centers and they do not wish to have more than a successful competitor in the infant city that has been so successfully launched by Mr. Daniel M. Day.


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