LEWISTON TRIBUNE - November 5, 1933

Why They Call it Mount Idaho

Two miles southeast of Grangeville, snuggled at the foot of the spur of the Clearwater mountains (so designated in government surveys) is a settlement named Mount Idaho, named after Idaho Territory and prefaced with Mount on account of being at the foot of a majestic eminence.

The glories of Mount Idaho will forever live in the annals of Idaho as a territory and as a state.  It was there the civilization was introduced in much of the wild central Idaho country; the Masons instituted their first lodge in Idaho there; it served as county seat of Idaho county, being selected by the legislature to replace Warren as the county seat after Warren had been designated to replace Florence, the first seat of government of Idaho county.

Mount Idaho is a picturesque place.  In its hey-day it boasted mills, stores, and good buildings, and the little city teemed with life.  Loyal P. Brown and B.F. Morris were largely responsible for Mount Idaho developing into a flourishing community, and it was not until the late 70's that Grangeville sprung up as a serious contender for municipal honors, finally winning.  A fine farming community is contiguous to Mount Idaho.

According to the 1930 census, Mount Idaho had a population of 231.



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