Idaho County Free Press - Friday, May 10, 1889

A Shocking Suicide

**Note very graphic description, please use your own discretion**

Word was received here last Friday that Homer F. Gould had suicided at his brother's place on John Day creek.  Coroner Bibby hastened down and held an inquisition on the body, from which we glean that the deceased had been somewhat despondent of late, and was fearful of getting involved in financial difficulties.  On Thursday morning last he arose very early, loaded a double-barreled shot-gun, stood the stock on the ground, placed his head over the muzzle and touched the trigger off with the ramrod.  The coroner says he never saw a more ghastly sight, for the top of the head was completely shot away, and fragments of the skull were found a hundred yards away, showing that the gun must have been charged to the muzzle.  He left a letter addressed to his wife, stating in effect that financial difficulties prompted the deed, but it does not appear that he was in financial distress.  On the contrary, he was doing very well and would have done better in time, but he was evidently morbid on the subject of rapidly acquiring wealth in the western country, and not succeeding in his expectations gave way to despair.  He arrived here from Iowa last summer with his wife, a most estimable lady, and two bright little boys, to whom the sympathy of the entire community is extended in this hour of awful calamity which has overtaken them.  Mr. Gould had recently purchased the Bear Pete ranch and intended moving his family there shortly.  The jury returned a verdict of suicide while in a state of temporary insanity.






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